‘The Exorcist’: David Gordon Green Is In Talks To Direct A New Sequel


The person in charge of the successful reboot of ‘Halloween night’ returns to work with Blumhouse.

Like so many other horror sagas, The Exorcist hasn’t had the best of luck since its first installment became an absolute classic. William Friedkin , its director, must have intuited then that it was best to stay away from future exploitations of the phenomenon, and did not get involved in either the two sequels that followed or the controversial prequel The Exorcist. The beginning , which came to the movies in two versions (one directed by Renny Harlin and the other by Paul Schrader ). With these precedents, it was not surprising that Friedkin recently denied being involved in “a remake” of The Exorcist…. but the fact is that we had not heard that there were plans for it.

The veteran director said it was just a rumor from IMDb, and that “there is not enough money or motivation in the world to convince me to do this.” It happened when the last product derived from the franchise was the Exorcist series that ended in 2018 after two seasons, but days after these surprising statements we have learned that Blumhouse, in effect, is developing a new sequel to the 1973 classic. And that , accompanied by the studio Morgan Creek, has already found a perfect candidate to lead it : David Gordon Green , responsible for the successful reboot of Halloween night and their next two installments, Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends.

According to The Observer, Green is still in talks to agree to take charge of this sequel, but given the warm relationship he has with Jason Blum (who will act as executive producer) it is likely that the negotiation will come to fruition. Nothing is known about the film beyond the production team and the absence of William Friedkin in it, without giving a title, plot or release date. As for Green, he would have to release Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends in the months of October 2021 and 2022 , respectively, before breaking into the famous saga.


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