‘The Exorcist’ Will Have A New Official Sequel Directed By David Gordon Green For Blumhouse


We are dangerously close to its 50th anniversary and yet, ‘ The Exorcist ‘ (William Friedkin, 1973) remains one of the scariest movies ever. At Blumhouse Productions they know that this is so and, despite the fact that the subgenre created from possessions had so far protected us from a forced return to the classic, Pazuzu seems ready to return.

As reported in The Observer, Blumhouse plans a direct sequel to the film in collaboration with Morgan Creek, a production company that already seemed to be walking the project through corridors that have ended up being the correct ones.

Although the master William Friedkin had enough in his day and preferred to let the work of William Peter Blatty rest, the truth is that we have returned a few times to the story that started it all. After the lazy ‘ The Exorcist 2:

The Heretic ‘ (John Boorman, 1977) and the now surprisingly on the rise ‘ The Exorcist III ‘ (William Peter Blatty, 1990) came the terrible two thousand and their prequel schedule with ‘ The Exorcist:

The beginning ‘(Renny Harlin, 2004), a title that had its own legal imitation with a luxury author at the controls in’ The exorcist: The beginning. The forbidden version ‘(Paul Schrader, 2005).

But, just as ‘ Halloween night ‘ (John Carpenter, 1978) became the only canonical event that serves in the universe of ‘ Halloween night ‘ (David Gordon Green, 2018), nothing of what is narrated in these titles could have nothing to do with this late sequel that, as in the return of Myers, could have David Gordon Green, who currently has’ Halloween Kills ‘ (2021) in the fridge and ‘ Halloween Ends ‘ (2022).


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