‘The King Of Zamunda’: First Trailer Of The Sequel With Eddie Murphy


The prince is going to become king, and he is prepared for his triumphant return, which will not be on the big screen but on Amazon Prime Video. After sponsoring the return of Borat, the platform is once again the setting for a nostalgic reunion: ‘ The King of Zamunda ‘, a late sequel to ‘ The Prince of Zamunda ‘ starring Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall, who reprise their roles to tell us what happened after ‘The End’.

Craig Brewer, who comes from directing Murphy in the acclaimed ‘I am Dolemite’, takes the witness of John Landis as director of the story, written by Kenya Barris, Barry W. Blaustein and David Sheffield from the characters we already know. But what happens in this sequel? Prince Akeem is about to be crowned king, but he learns that he has a son in the United States and decides to go in search of him. After all, someone will have to ascend the throne when he is gone. Accompanied by Semmi (Hall), they travel again to New York to find who may become, without him having any idea, the successor to the kingdom of Zamunda.

Amazon has published the first trailer for the film, and from it, we can extract several important things: that the costumes will continue to be incredible (for something they nominated the original film for an Oscar), that Murphy and Hall are going to have a good festival of the comedy through different characters and that the cast brings incredible figures such as James Earl Jones, Wesley Snipes, and Leslie Jones.

Thirty-two years after the premiere of the first film, ‘The King of Zamunda’ arrives on March 5 on Amazon Prime Video with a good dose of nostalgia and comedy courtesy of Eddie Murphy, who continues to be reborn from his own ashes.


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