The Mandalorian: Will Kylo Ren Appear In Season 3?


The Mandalorian season 2 finale gave Star Wars fans a huge surprise by fulfilling a popular theory that had been playing around since the first chapter.

During the last chapters of the season, Grogu was captured by Moff Gideon and decided to use the force to contact any Jedi master who was nearby (which further confirms that The Child’s training was much more advanced than we thought), while Meanwhile, his adoptive dad, aka Mando, was already working on a plan to get him back.

Mando gathered his team of rebels and together they went to face Moff Gideon , which allowed Pedro Pascal to take the Darksaber that is needed to take back the planet from the Mandalorians (and that Bo-Katan wanted) and later meet the boy who saved from a life of dangerous experiments by the Empire in the first season. But, just when we thought that the pair could leave there to live new adventures, Luke Skyalker arrived to help them and become the new teacher of the boy (who had a rather suspicious encounter with R2-D2). And then they showed us all that from The Book of Boba Fett to get excited for a new story.

Seeing the Jedi Master , who at the time was already recruiting students for his school, Mando knew he had to say goodbye to Grogu and allow him to join Skywalker to continue his training in learning to control the Force, so he dramatically said goodbye and left. let the baby go to his new teacher.

What will happen now with The Mandalorian?

Adding Luke Skywalker into the mix changes things radically for the story and connects it more directly with the films of the original saga (with the events that take place long after The Return of the Jedi) , but also with a tragedy that She is mentioned in the new trilogy with Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac and Daisy Ridely.

In the new movies, we discover that Luke does manage to create a school to train a new generation of Jedi warriors, but his plans are destroyed when Ben Solo, son of his sister Leia and Han Solo , is seduced by the dark side of the Jedi. force, destroy the new temple of the Jedi Order built by Luke and assassinate all the children who were part of his school.

This has led many fans to wonder if it is possible that Baby Yoda was one of the students who died in the tragedy that led to Luke Skywalker going into exile on a distant and lonely planet (where he is eventually found by Rey, who seeks him to become in his teacher).

Are we going to see that in season 3 of The Mandalorian ? It is definitely possible that Kylo Ren, or rather Ben Solo, ran into Grogu at Luke’s temple, but it is also possible that Mando changes his mind and goes to get the boy he promised to reunite with his kind.

In a New Rockstars video , Erik Voss analyzes Star Wars history to find out if Kylo Ren likely killed Baby Yoda during that moment when he was carried away by fury and manipulation. Voss introduces the Star Wars timeline , its connection to The Rise of Kylo Ren comic, and information from the Battlefront video games, and comes to the conclusion that Kylo is unlikely to murder Baby Yoda.

The video explains that Ben Solo destroys Skywalker’s temple in 28 BBY, while The Mandaorian happens in 9 BBY, which means there is enough time for Baby Yoda to become a Jedi master and learn to control his powers. (Yoda supposedly reached that point on his 100th birthday.) This means that by the time Ben Solo destroys the temple, Luke Skywalker would have already finished training Grogu , and that means he would no longer be at his school.

Everything seems to indicate that Baby Yoda will live for many more years, but the third season will give us more details and must show if he really stays in Luke’s temple or decides to meet with his adoptive father and accompany him on his missions through the galaxy.


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