The Oa Season 3: Is It Coming Or Cancelled?


Last week, Netflix announced the cancellation of one of its best fantasy series: The OA. The brutal news shocked a large number of subscribers threatening to unsubscribe from the SVOD platform. Several petitions have since been released around the world, collecting tens of thousands of signatures for the launch of a final season. A move is similar to the one that followed the removal of Sense8, another popular Netflix production. The bad buzz had forced the streaming service to produce an epilogue TV movie.

A Marketing Bluff?

According to a recent heated discussion on Reddit, such a push would be unnecessary for The OA. Its contributors suggest that Netflix would have communicated on the end of the mystical soap opera … in order to better promote its sequel! How is it possible? 

At the end of season 2, Prairie and Hap, the two main protagonists of the show, slide into a parallel dimension. Where they adopt the identities of Brit Marling and Jason Isaacs: their interpreters in our dimension! Brit is seriously injured in the last episode, the shooting ends up suspended. Technically, the fiction The OA no longer exists. Its sequel would therefore become a kind of reality TV.

This theory is based on the various social publications of the casting since the cancellation. On Instagram, Brit Marling writes her gratitude to The OA which gave her ”  the chance to enter another world and to feel free there  “. She adds that ”  in a way, it is quite normal not to be done with these characters  ” and promises that there will be ”  other stories  “. Cindy Holland, vice president of original content on Netflix, responded with an equally ambiguous response: ”  We look forward to working with Brit again in the future, in this dimension and possibly many more  .” What Jason Isaacs concludes, via a tweet addressed to his audience: “  Practice the movements and I’ll see you on the other side  ”.


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