Umbrella Academy (Netflix): All You Need To Know About The Highly Anticipated Season 3!


Netflix regaled us with the 2nd season of Umbrella Academy. The opportunity to find Five, Allison, Vanya, Klaus, Diego and all the others. After this rich season, what does season 3 have in store for usMCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

While season 2 has started on the hats of wheels, season 3 of Umbrella Academy is taking shape. A little early, you will say?

However, the 2nd left us somewhat unsatisfied, just like the 1st did. We were all the same ability to greedily taste the few episodes delivered by Netflix.

On the program, new faces, new intrigues and above all, a leap in time. If the ten or so episodes were not enough for you, know that the 3rd part of Umbrella Academy is looming.

Adapted from the graphic novel by Gerard Way, singer of My Chemical Romance and Gabriel Ba, the next season is becoming clearer. We therefore know a little more about this new timeline, created by the time travel of our merry fellows.

Steve Blackman, the creator of the series, therefore spoke with Collider. During this interview, he tells us a little more about the future of Umbrella Academy. Attention, some spoilers are to be deplored between these lines.

Umbrella Academy: What Future For Our Heroes?

So we dive headlong into a new set of intrigues … Although he wants to give us the pleasure of discovering everything during the broadcast.

“Obviously, the Umbrella Academy no longer exists, ” he said. “Hargreeves, who must also have been dead is alive,” he recalls.

“I don’t want to reveal anything, but it will obviously be a fun and tragic season, ” the show-runner continues. Something to keep us going and make us languish.

Well, we’ve been used to this since the beginning of the series. “They are going to have to understand what happened and how it could have happened. ”

Left to their fate, the heroes of the Umbrella Academy are not at the end of their troubles. As a reminder, in volume 3, the band is found scattered around the world.

Also, season 3 will develop the consequences of time travel, but not only. We will also learn all about the Sparrow Academy, which replaces the one with the umbrella … To be continued!


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