“Unsolved Mysteries”, Season 3: When Will More Episodes Of The Netflix Series Premiere


” Unsolved Mysteries ” is a full-length true crime series that first premiered in January 1987. After numerous restructuring and changes to its main television network, the original show ended its broadcast on Spike in April 1987. 2010.

Despite the insistent requests from fans who wanted to see this program again for the cases that were not yet resolved , the truth is that the chain decided to leave the series behind and that the cases that were not resolved remain open with the passing of the years.

Almost a decade later, Netflix rescued the title to make its own more updated version. In this way, ” Unsolved Mysteries ” was released to the streaming platform in July 2020 , quickly followed by a second set of episodes in October 2020.

And as expected, fans are quickly asking for a renewal of the series on the streaming platform . Considering the past of ” Unsolved Mysteries ” and how it was able to last for more than two decades, it is more than certain that the show will premiere its third season in the next few years.


The show’s inaugural exit was seen by around 14% of Netflix subscribers , during the first month of its launch. And as can be predicted, the numbers only kept rising in the following months.

Furthermore, this particular series can be considered as one of the pioneers of true crime shows since its original debut in 1987 . Apparently in the coming months season 3 of “ Unsolved Mysteries ” can be expected to announce the start of production to premiere sometime in late 2021 .

This considering that the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has disappeared or that there is already a vaccine against the disease. Many film and television productions were paralyzed for months, and although some recordings have been renewed, the virus is still latent around the world.

The first and second seasons were filmed before everyone had this health crisis in March 2020 , so ” Unsolved Mysteries ” should have almost no material ready for a third batch of episodes . This, added to the fact that interviews are made with different people and not actors on a set, the biosecurity measures must be very high for it to resume its production .

The second volume of episodes of ” Unsolved Mysteries ” highlights six terrible crimes . Cases include the death of John P. Wheeler III , the murder of an unidentified woman in a hotel in Norway, the story of the murderer and sex offender Lester Eubanks , the strange incident in Ishinomaki, Japan , the death of JoAnn. Romain , and the case of two missing young children in Harlem 1989 .

Season 3 is expected to bring up a ton of strange unsolved mysteries , in the hope that viewers can give a clue to stop the perpetrator or learn something about the area where the paranormal events take place. It is recalled that fans can still contribute to the investigations of the ” Unsolved Mysteries ” on their official page.


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