Warner Is Considering Releasing ‘Dune’ Only In Theaters After All


The decision Warner Media , driven by the upper echelons of AT & T according to improving figures Max HBO subscribers, was too drastic to no resistance. Wonder Woman 1984 , already in Spanish cinemas, would inaugurate this December 24 in the US a hybrid model according to which all the premieres of 2021 would see the light both in traditional theaters and in streaming , and shortly after the major gave a Knowing this resolution was met with many discordant voices. The AMC chain of cinemas . Christopher Nolan calling HBO Max “the worst streaming service . ” Or Denis Villeneuve ,claiming that something like that “would kill the Dune franchise .”

The most decisive opposition, however, has been that of Legendary Entertainment. This company financed 75% of both Godzilla vs. Kong as well as the aforementioned Dune , and shortly after this announcement was made we learned that he planned to contact Warner to demand a settlement, under threat of legal action . Legendary is not lacking in reasons, since beyond its primary role in the development of both films, it was considering at the time the possibility of selling the exhibition rights to Godzilla vs. Kong to Netflix for $ 250 million, but Warner Media blocked the sale. Find out later that he was also going to stream, this time without their consent, has precipitated the dispute.

In response to this conflict, according to Deadline , Warner is now considering removing Dune from this hybrid model, releasing the film in theaters exclusively. Rectification that responds unequivocally to Legendary’s claims, since regardless of what happened with Godzilla vs. Kong the company has already made public its fears that a simultaneous premiere in streaming and theaters would annihilate the potential franchise that Villeneuve’s film wants to give rise to. In fact, Dune is planned as the first installment of a diptych that would adapt Frank Herbert’s novel , and both Legendary and Villeneuve feared that such a model would compromise the project.

“It is rumored that the solution to this conflict would be to preserve Dune in its traditional release to respect the potential of a franchise,” they write in Deadline . If this continues, Dune would be released on October 1, 2021 only in cinemas and with quite promising prospects: not only because of the zero interference from streaming , but because it is expected that at that time of year the vaccine against COVID-19 will have allowed a certain return to normality, with cinemas returning to full capacity and people having more confidence to go to theaters.

Just as it seems possible that Dune will be pulled from the plan, there is no news that Godzilla vs. Kong (or any of the remaining titles, such as The Suicide Squad or Matrix 4 ) can be the same. The film Adam Wingard is scheduled to premiere on May 21 .


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