Will Lucifer Die In Season 6? An Episode Title Hints At It


The end of Lucifer is slowly approaching on Netflix: the hit series is currently filming the sixth and final season that will bring final closure to the spectacular show starring Tom Ellis. The writers brightened up the wait with the titles of the episodes but shared one that made fans uneasy: “The murder of Lucifer Morningstar. ” What does it mean?

The scriptwriters’ official account on Twitter posted the names of the final first five chapters of Lucifer. “Nothing Ever Changes Around Here”, “Buckets of Baggage”, “Yabba Dabba Do Me” and “Pin the Tail on the Baddie” are the four initials that will be directed by four different people: Kevin Alejandro, Richard Speight Jr, Nathan Hope, and Viet Nguyen respectively.

Will Lucifer Die In Season 6?

The ads generated fan reaction, but none quite like the title for the fifth episode of season 6: “The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar,” directed by Lisa Demaine. The comments were concerned because they thought that the protagonist of the series may die in that chapter.

Other fans put together theories of what a premiere can mean that from the name has already caught everyone. “Lucifer meticulously plans his own murder as part of a sting operation”, “I bet Lucifer is dramatic and everyone wants us to have a heart attack just before Christmas Eve”, “Or is it a staging? Is it really him? Once there was a copycat. Maybe it’s him “, were some of the ideas in the answers.

There are still few details about the sixth season, although Ellis himself confirmed that it will be the last. The recording work continues after the stoppage due to the coronavirus pandemic that forced the fifth installment to be divided into two parts. The remaining episodes of the 5 are already ready and are expected to arrive in early 2021.


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