“Wonder Woman 1984” By Patty Jenkins Leaves Fans’ Hearts In Pieces


In 2015 Warner drove social media crazy with the Suicide Squad trailer, which was a heavy blow to fans after they saw the movie, far below criticism. In 2020 she repeated the dose with Wonder Woman 1984.

The production, described by fans as a comic book movie, tries to adapt the special effects to the time of the narrative. This is very reminiscent of the 1975 TV series, starring Lynda Carter, which can be interpreted as a reference or tribute.

Several scenes make evident the use of chroma key, which, for the unsuspecting, is just one of the symptoms of a large production, with a huge production cost that does not deliver the corresponding investment.

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The deepening of the Amazon universe within the shared DC universe was a great success, leaving traces of the next story. The reintroduction of Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) into the narrative, which clashes with the events of Justice League (2017), was disappointing.

Some holes in the narrative may be related to the final cut of the film, yet it leaves the logic aside about the action-reaction factor and calls for a discourse of sentimentality and human depth.

The great villain, Max Lord, in relinquishing the power to become the Stone of Desires, consequently would annul all requests made from him, but the outcome escaped this logic. In another situation, Max Lord leaves one place and reappears in another distant one without further explanation. These factors contribute to the growth of criticism.

Both the new film by the Amazon heroine and Shazam show the growing decay of what can be called the “DC formula”, which only really worked in the Dark Knight trilogy (Christopher Nolan). The introduction of some points of the Marvel movie formula in Warner productions discourages fans who like the dark and violent footprint.


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