Zack Snyder Announces The End Of Filming For ‘Army Of The Dead: The Prequel’


If the image above has an unmistakable Watchmen , 2009 movie flair , it’s no accident. It corresponds to Army of the Dead , the new zombie movie directed by Zack Snyder . Already in post-production, it is scheduled to premiere on the Netflix platform, perhaps in the summer of 2021. But, and not to get confused, the news is that Snyder himself, as producer , has announced that the filming of the prequel, I mean, Army of the Dead: The Prequel , has ended.

The director has been the very star of this spin-off , Matthias Schweighöfer , who plays the character of Ludwig Dieter, in a cast that also highlights Nathalie Emmanue l (Missandrei in Game of Thrones ).

The cast is made up of names like Dave Bautista , Garrett Dillahunt , the Mexican Ana de la Reguera or the Japanese Hiroyuki Sanada . And another of the productions that would be part of this expanded universe would be an animation series .

So next year we will have the filmmaker again in the forefront of current affairs also with the premiere, on the HBO Max platform, of his montage of Justice League , after he decided in March 2017 to abandon his duties as director. to the tragic suicide of her 20-year-old daughter Autumn .

It should be remembered that precisely Snyder made his feature film debut in 2004 with one of the zombies, Dawn of the Dead , in turn a remake of George A. Romero ‘s 1978 film Dawn of the Dead (and premiered among us with the title Zombie ) , valued as one of the best of the genre.


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