Zack Snyder’s Zombie Movie Army Of The Dead Already Has A Prequel


“Army of the Dead” is that project that we did not expect. Zack Snyder has the world waiting for his famous Justice League Snyder Cut. But the fact that the filmmaker is immersed in the expected premiere of his version of the “Justice League” has not prevented him from developing other projects in parallel. And one of them is “Army of the Dead”, a new zombie movie that will premiere on Netflix in 2021.

And apparently the film is so good and promising that long before it even opens, the streaming giant decided to turn it into a whole franchise that already has a finished prequel and also has an approved anime series.

But what is this Zack Snyder zombie odyssey all about ? We pass X-rays.

What is Army of the Dead about?

Zack Snyder’s zombie movie for Netflix follows a group of mercenaries on their way to Las Vegas, which has been infested by hordes of zombies where they must do everything in their power to complete a heist while trying to stay alive. .

Although the plot seems somewhat predictable, being a director like Zack Snyder – soon to release the Snyder Cu t – who is used to doing magnanimous things with characters like Superman, things could not be so basic and Army of Dead has been described as “multi-language tape.”

Army of the Dead – The Prequel

That is the title that so far has been given to the prequel to “Army of the Dead” that will address the story of Matthias Schweighöfer, a character who will appear in the first film. The story for the prequel, which has just finished filming, will take place shortly before “Army of the dead,” according to Collider. It is the director’s leap to the zombie genre , films that have invaded every platform we know .

Who is in the cast of “Army of the Dead”?

For their zombie movie, Zack Snyder and Netflix have looked for a robust cast in which the Mexican Ana de la Reguera stands out, they also include Nathalie Emmanuel, Garret Dillahunt, Raul Castillo, Omari Hardwick, Hiroyuki Sanada, Nora Arnezeder, Theo Rossi, Ella Purnell, and Huma Quereshi.

When it premieres?

The new film of the film is scheduled to premiere on the platform in 2021. A poster that has been circulating for a long time has confirmed this, although without specifying the month. It is estimated that it could be in the first half of the year. Now that the director has announced that the sequel has finished filming, it is expected that it could arrive only a few months after the main film.


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