Charlie Brooker ‘Death To 2020’ Trailer And Release Date Revealed


‘Death to 2020’. A few weeks ago Charlie Brooker’s new project was announced with these simple and heartfelt words, without Netflix revealing exactly what they were referring to. Previous revelations by Hugh Grant pointed to a mockumentary where he would play a historian whose wig we were going to love (spoiler: in the end the wig is not that bad), and shortly after a brief teaser we heard of a great cast surrounding Grant: Samuel L. Jackson, Kumail Nanjiani, Joe Keery, Lisa Kudrow, Cristin Milioti or Leslie Jones were inside. Now, finally, we have a trailer and a release date.

Fuck 2020, which will be its title in Spanish, will debut on Netflix this December 27, following a possible tradition of Brooker productions premiering on Christmas dates after Bandersnatch and the fourth season of Black Mirror. Along with this imminent date, the platform has also unveiled the trailer, confirming that we are facing a mockumentary made up of the testimonies of several fictitious experts, interpreted by the luxurious cast. To hell, 2020 is made up of both interviews and modified archive images, which will review what the most catastrophic year of our lives has given of itself.

In the preview you can already see how Brooker and his inseparable producer Annabel Jones spend them, putting jokes about Quibi (the ill-fated streaming service ) and a phrase by Leslie Jones for the future design of t-shirts: “I would say that he has It has been a truño of the year, but it would be unfair with the Truños ”. There it is.


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