Chicago PD: Season 8 Disappeared With Character And Did Not Explain


The character disappeared from the series

Chicago PD fans who are following season eight together with the United States have noticed a serious flaw in the conduct of their story.

One of the characters in the series is missing. And the script, so far, has not bothered to explain what happened to her. Was it forgetfulness, or did they just decide to ignore it? Or, going further, will your disappearance be explained later?

Who’s gone?

We are talking about the official Vanessa Rojas, played by actress Lisseth Chavez. It turns out that the actress left the regular cast of the series and will no longer appear in the attraction.

It is not known exactly what led her to leave the series – whether it was a creative decision by the team or if it was a request from the actress herself. However, Chavez is already employed again. She will join the cast of the new season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, a series of CW heroes.

But what happened?

Fans need to remember that, unfortunately, the NBC channel had to abruptly interrupt the seventh season. All this due to the pandemic that has ravaged the world. Thus, the station did not produce three episodes ordered, and with that, the producers rewrote their stories.

As with the Chicago Fire, Emily Foster left. However, at the premiere of the ninth season, they showed nothing of their farewell. Although, in the case of the firefighter series, the characters cited Foster’s whereabouts.

However, in Chicago PD, nothing was mentioned. The episodes of the eighth season take place months after the end of the seventh season. Soon, surely something happened to the official.

Did Voight fire her after all the problems she caused in the final stories of season seven? Or did she move out of Chicago? Yeah, we don’t know.

The hope is that, in the new episodes, which will be released in January, some light will be given to the character’s whereabouts. Also, many fans expect her to appear at least to say goodbye. It will be?

What’s next?

Even with her disappearance, Officer Rojas can return for a brief connection to Atwater. For those who don’t remember, the character was in a way approaching Kevin, although nothing happened.

Now that Atwater had a major role in the season, it is possible to see a close of this relationship in this sense. But we bet that the character will not return in the next episodes.

Meanwhile, Atwater will continue to have the spotlight in the face of the plot involving police racism. According to some publications from Deadline and One Chicago Center, the eighth season will continue to explore history. Even though, in episode 02, it was partially resolved by the character.

We believe that, from now on, Atwater will face more cases of police racism. Will he see Intelligence in any case that can be considered such?

And what will Voight look like?

Another important point that we will see, from here, is the approach of Hank Voight, which is in the sights of the superintendency. That’s because their controversial methods became the target of police reform. Such reform, which takes place in real life, is intended to change the behavior of the police about gratuitous violence.

Police reform also has a crucial role to play in reducing police racism.

Another detail is that at the return of the season, we will see the arrival of a new police officer. This is the actor Cleveland Berto, who was most recently in the film Terminator: Dark Destiny.

He will give life to Officer Jalen Walker, an idealistic policeman who is, in every sense, a golden boy (athlete, intelligent, family man, and scholar). His character refused Wall Street to work for the Chicago Police Department because he wants to see if he can make a difference and change the status quo.


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