“Cobra Kai” Season 3 Premieres In A Week On Netflix


As if it were a Christmas gift for fans of “Karate Kid”, Netflix announced that it is anticipating by one week the premiere of the third season of the spin-off series “Cobra Kai”, which will now be making its debut on the day of the year new, January 1, 2021.

The next season’s premiere was originally scheduled for January 8, but Netflix couldn’t take the anxiety and is looking to bring things up sooner. The ad was accompanied by a video, which shows Jonny Lawrence using his internet specialist skills to anticipate the new chapter in the series – see below:

The series, which is a kind of “Karate Kid” sequel, takes place exactly three decades after the events of the children’s film of the 1980s and brings Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso back to deal with the kind of life one has after the resolution from that movie.

I mean, Johnny (William Zabka) is seeing what happens decades after losing to Daniel (Ralph Macchio) in a tournament in the 1984 film. During the first two seasons of the series (originally released on YouTube, then taken to Netflix), Johnny and Daniel started teaching karate to teenagers.

Of course, the two continue to disagree with just about everything, and the rivalry between their students continued to heat up, culminating in a widespread brawl at school during the end of the second season. A kick from Johnny’s estranged son Robby Keene (Tanner Buchanan) sent Miguel Diaz (Xolo Maridueña) flying over a balcony and into a coma.

A trailer for the new wave of episodes showed “Cobra Kai” going back to his “Karate Kid” past to prepare for his future, bringing some characters that the characters hadn’t seen in years. The scenes in the trailer may be brief, but the return of the characters, seen for the last time in the 1986 film sequence, seems like a big step.

Although it has not been long since “Cobra Kai” arrived on Netflix with its first two seasons, and a third in January, the series is already renewed for a fourth season, which is already underway.


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