Johnny Depp Victim Of An Injustice During His Trial? His Lawyers Are Stepping Up To The Plate


Was Johnny Depp the victim of injustice during his trial? Its lawyers are convinced of it and do not hesitate to let it know!

Since losing his libel case against the British daily The Sun and his ex-wife Amber Heard, Johnny Depp has become infrequent in Hollywood. The actor was notably fired from the Fantastic Beasts franchise. But decided not to let it go, the actor appealed against this decision. This Thursday, December 24, his defenders, therefore, went to the hearing and pleaded that their client did not have a fair trial since he never put the life of his former companion in danger. According to information reported by The Guardian, his lawyer David Sherborne has requested that the judgment be set aside and that a new trial be opened.


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In documents obtained by The Guardian, attorneys for Johnny Depp said Judge Andrew Nicol’s verdict was “patently haphazard” as the latter “failed to conduct a proper analysis of Amber Heard’s changing narrative despite ‘importance of consistency in the testimony of a witness “. According to David Sherborne’s revelations, evidence, and other relevant material that could have harmed the actress was excluded from the case. In other words, an appeal trial would be more than necessary to shed light on this case. Johnny Depp, who is supported by his fans, will he win? Response to the next episode.


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