New Trailer For ‘History Of Swearing’, With Nicolas Cage On Fire


We recently learned of the existence of History of Swear Words through a crazy teaser, and it may be that thanks to it many have faced the little that remains of 2020 with renewed energy, delighting in what comes at the beginning of the new year. On January 5, 2021, things like this, a documentary series presented by the only one, the unique Nicolas Cage, will arrive on Netflix, where the origin of such enigmatic words as “fuck”, “shit”, “bitch”, “ dick ”,“ pussy ” or “ damn ”. The tacos of a lifetime, go (at least in the US), collected to be thoroughly analyzed and documented.

In Spain we will know it as History of curses, and a few days after its launch, Netflix has launched a new advance much more complete than the previous one. In this we not only witness a priceless introduction with The Cage yelling “FUCK”, but also fragments of the reports that the actor will introduce. To trace the origins of each foul word Nicolas Cage will give way to several testimonies from experts in etymology and pop culture, as well as from entertainment personalities of the caliber of Sarah Silverman or Nick Offerman.

Through these studies, Historia de las curostas will highlight the cultural importance of each of the words, being Nicolas Cage’s first project in a new phase of his career that has his fandom going crazy. And, beyond the Netflix docuseries, the actor has planned the premiere of Prisoners of the Ghostland ( his first collaboration with Sion Sono ) at the next Sundance Festival, as well as The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, where it is performed himself in the company of Pedro Pascal playing a drug dealer who turns out to be his biggest fan on the face of the earth.


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