No Plans For More ‘Curses’ After ‘The Curse Of Bly Manor’


The curse of Hill House was such a success that Netflix tried by all means to convince Mike Flanagan to continue it. However, the director of Doctor Sueno thought the story was over and convinced the platform to transform “The Haunting” into an anthology series. Once The Curse of Bly Manor was released (and it thrilled / terrified the staff again), the question remained as to which new horror house would Flanagan enter for the following season. ¿ Hell House by Richard Matheson? Does the vanguard House leave Mark Z. Danielewski?

Ultimately it seems that it will not be any of them because Flanagan has no plans to continue with the brand. At least for now. “At the moment there are no plans for more chapters,” wrote the director via Twitter. “Never say never, of course, but for now we have the full schedule with other projects for Intrepid Pictures. If things change we will let you know! ”, He concluded, referring to the production company that has supported all his films in recent years.

Flanagan has been totally transparent about why The Haunting’s future remains uncertain. And, in the absence of knowing what Netflix thinks (everything indicates that Bly Manor had a significantly lower audience than Hill House ), the director has too busy a schedule to consider more adaptations of haunted mansions. This same agenda was the one that prevented him from directing all the episodes of Bly Manor as he did with Hill House (in the last series he directed only one chapter) and is currently buried by three ambitious projects.

One is Midnight Mass, a seven-episode Netflix miniseries whose filming recently concluded ( “the best experience of my career,” Flanagan said it had been) and focuses on an isolated community where various paranormal phenomena occur. It has in the cast the regulars of director Kate Siegel and Henry Thomas, and although it does not have a release date, Flanagan is involved in yet another Netflix series: The Midnight Club, an adaptation of the novel by Christopher Pike.

Finally there is Revival, a new adaptation of his admired Stephen King (who inspired him directly in The Game of Gerald and Doctor Sleep, and “apocryphal” in The Curse of Hill House ). Not many details about Revival have emerged, but the fact that it is one of King’s most celebrated late novels (as well as a statement where Flanagan spoke of how challenging this work was going to be) is very promising. 


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