‘Siren’ Canceled: The Fantasy Series Will Not Have Season 4 And Remains Without And Ending


Freeform has just announced the cancellation of ‘Siren’, so the series will not have a fourth season. Surely his fans are not happy at all, since the third one just aired in the United States on May 28, so this decision leaves the series without an ending intended as such.

‘Siren’ debuted in 2018 in style, being quickly renewed for a second season that was Freeform’s most-watched series in 2019. Unfortunately, the third one lost noticeable follow-up, and even being Freeform’s most-followed television fiction during its airing has not saved it from cancellation.

Created by Eric Wald and Dean White, ‘Siren’ told the story of how a coastal town, known for the legend that mermaids once lived there, is turned upside down after the arrival of a mysterious woman who is trying to rescue her older sister.

In Spain, we have been able to see ‘Siren’ through HBO, where it has proven to be quite a popular series. However, nothing suggests that they have any interest in rescuing her, so fans of the series will have to settle for the three seasons and 36 chapters that we have seen so far.


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