Stranger Things: Everything We Know About The New Season 4 Of The Netflix Series


The third of Stranger Things we liked much more than season 2 (it is what has that there is no superfluous episode ) and it showed us several things: that quartet formed by Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Steve (Joe Keery), Erica (Priah Ferguson) and Robin (Maya Hawke) are wonderful. The new characters (Robin, Alexei) or not so protagonists so far (Erica, Mr. Clarke, Murray) have worked very well in season 3. And yes, it is true that children are no longer such a thing and some of the plots teenagers have become a bit heavy, but it was all offset by that moment in which Dustin and his girlfriend (yes, it’s real), Suzie, sang a duet to the movie Neverending Story.

The third season did not lack an audience either. Netflix made public that 40.7 million accounts were watching the series in the first four days since its premiere. And 18.2 million of those accounts ended up watching the season before or during that time. A new record for the digital content giant, as they themselves recognized.

But, considering that season three left us full of questions and we have all kinds of theories about where things could go next season, let’s talk about what we already know about season 4.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused Netflix to stop filming for season four. Actor Gaten Matarazzo participated on Saturday, June 6, 2020, in a virtual panel at GalaxyCon, where he expressed his doubts about when the production of the new episodes will resume.

“The work is on hold. We were in the middle of filming [season 4] and they stopped everything. They told us it would be for two weeks and we are already going for three months,” Matarazzo says in the videoconference, reviewed I am anxious to go back to work.”

Deadline confirmed that filming for season 4 of the series finally resumed on September 28, 2020.

The official account of the series on Twitter published an enigmatic photograph of a pendulum clock, accompanied by the caption “Meanwhile in the inverted world.” Next to the clock, there is a clapperboard showing the number of the scene being filmed.

This confirms that the fourth season is being filmed, which is good news for fans, and portends its premiere in 2021. Some fans were wondering if it is a preview that we will soon see a new teaser and others were puzzled by the meaning of the image and its relation to the plot.

Some people saw on the clock an allusion that there could be time travel, that Hopper goes back to 1979 (the year his daughter died), or that the numbers that appear on the clapperboard (“9 8.19 79”) suggest a date premiere (August 19?).


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