Sweet Home Season 2: Renewal Status & Release Date


Sweet home, Netflix’s latest horror series is off to a great start. After an impressive first season, many followers are already looking to the future in hopes of a second season. It will take a little patience as Netflix has yet to renew the series for 2 seasons.

Sweet Home is an original horror series based on the comic book of the same name by Yongchang Hwang. The series is produced by Studio Dragon, which has also produced other popular K-dramas such as Love Landing, My Holo Love, and Love Alarm.

Sweet Home Season 2 renewal status

Season 1 ended just a week ago on December 18, which means it’s too early for Netflix to announce the series’ future.

The popularity of the original could have a big impact on the time it takes Netflix to announce the show’s renewal. It can often take several weeks or even months before an extension is announced.

Sweet Home has performed well all over the world and has already entered 32 different top lists. In particular, Sweet Home season 1 has already won first place in South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The series also made it to the top 10 in the US and was ranked 8th at the time of writing. All of this will greatly increase the show’s chances of renewing.

Sweet Home season 2 release date

Fans of the series will have to wait a long time for 2 seasons. Since shooting season 1 lasted eight months, from June 2019 to February 2020. It is assumed that production of season 2 has not yet begun, so we should expect the release of the new series no earlier than late 2021 or early 2022. Season 2 Sweet Home should also contain 10 episodes of 50 minutes each.

What to expect from Sweet Home season 2

The season 1 finale Sweet Home left a lot of thought for the second season.

What happened to Sang-Uk?

Before the final moments of the first season, we last saw Sang Wook die in a pool of his blood after trying to help Yu Ri. The final twist of the season was Cha Hyun Soo’s awakening in a military van, driven by Sang Wook without scars.

One of two things could happen to Sang Wook. First, Sang Wook has either undergone a metamorphosis of his own or will soon turn into a monster. Second, we last saw Myung escape in a military van after being defeated by Cha Hyun Soo, and since his powers seem to be taking over other people, he could take control of Sang Wook’s body.

Eunhyuk is dead?

A few moments before the houses collapsed, Eun Hyuk began to bleed just like the infected one. Even though he was buried under the rubble of an apartment building, if Eunhyuk undergoes his metamorphosis, his regenerative abilities could save his life.

The reason for Eun Hyuk’s return may have been his desire to save his broken family. Despite not being Eun Yoo’s biological brother, he still feels responsible for his sister’s well-being.

And Kyung on the hunt for Cha Hyun Soo?

And Kyung spent most of the first season trying to figure out what happened to her fiancé, Nam Sang Won. Despite not supporting the deal with the military, Yi Kyung has now joined them and will likely hunt for Cha Hyun Soo. If she succeeds in catching Cha Hyun Soo, she may finally find out about her fiance’s fate.

What will happen to the remaining survivors?

Only a small handful of survivors made it out of the Green Homes alive. Eunhyuk made it clear that the military cannot guarantee security as they cannot stop the transformation of humans into monsters. Eun Soo has feelings for Cha Hyun Soo, so the future could be tragic or happy.


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