Taboo Season 2: Apparently Tom Hardy Is Back In The Role Of James Keziah Delaney For The Second Installment


James had fled to Africa after having stolen fourteen diamonds in England, after the death of his father.

In this production series, he portrays the darkness and negative side of London in the 19th century, in terms of political and corporate corruption.

As we know, the Taboo series premiered in the UK on January 7, 2019, via the BBC One television network with a total of eight episodes. And days passed, it was released in the United States on the FX channel.

Due to the overwhelming response to the series, the BBC announced the renewal for the second season, just two months after the first installment was released.

And it is that three years have passed since the first season was broadcast and the second season of the series has not yet been released. Production has been facing continuous delays throughout this time.

The first delay in the production process was due to the busy schedule of actor Tom Hardy. Now, the delay is due to the coronavirus pandemic; so your date of

Regarding the cast that we expect for the second season, without a doubt we will see Tom Hardy return again as James Keziah Delaney.

The cast also includes Leo Bill who will play the character of Benjamin Wilton; Jessie Buckley playing the role of Lorna Delaney, as well as Oona Chaplin as Zilpha Geary, Stephen Graham as Atticus and Jefferson Hall as Thorne Geary

Also present will be a set of actors such as David Hayman, Edward Hogg, Franka Potente, Michael Kelly, and Tom Hollander will return.

In this sense, the plot of the second stage will start from where the previous season ended; since Steven Knight left some clues to continue telling the story of Jame in the next season.

We also hope that the plot narrative can focus on the secret of Jame’s tattoo and his fight against the Indian Company.

Recall that the story of Steven Knight is set in London in 1814 where, in addition to portraying the corruption of the time, it also revolves around James Delaney’s flight to Africa, as well as the death of his father.

Recall that the first season was highlighted by the land dispute that transcended the war between Great Britain and the United States.

Another important facet of the first installment was when James discovered the true cause of death of his father, who died of arsenic poisoning. And the season came to an end when James, Lorna, and their associates planned to escape but were betrayed by the Prince Regent.


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