The Good Place Season 5: Renewal, Release Date On Netflix?


The good place is considered one of the main comedies that are available in the Netflix catalog. Recently, the last episode of the fourth year arrived on Netflix and now fans want to know if The Good Place will have a 5th season.

With an interesting and promising history, the series has remained with an audience in recent years on NBC. Originally, the series does not belong to Netflix, but it has always arrived as original in Brazil.

Will The Good Place Have Season 5 ?

Unfortunately not, NBC, producer of the series, along with Michael Schur, chose to end the series still in the 4th season. Proof of this is that, the series won a triple episode of almost 1 and a half hours symbolizing the end of the plot.

According to Schur, the decision to end the series was entirely creative and NBC respected the creator’s decision. The end of the series had already been planned since the end of the second season by Schur.

The creator further stated that there were several conversations about expanding the narrative for Team Cockroach. However, Michael and Janet finally arrived at The Good Place and the series’ life span had reached its peak. However, Schur and the writers shared the stories they wanted to tell, making Season 5 unnecessary.

Spoiler: What Would Happen In Season 5?

It is very difficult to say goodbye to a series like The Good Place, especially in times when so many derived series or unnecessary sequels are created. However, if the series returned for a possible 5th season, it would make sense for the cast and characters to remain the focus.

One of the alternatives would be to show a loophole to explain why Good Place does not completely clean up a person’s existence. This allows the four main members to meet with Michael and Janet for a special reason.

Another point, would be to show the big problem with the way they approach the afterlife that the series created. With that, the Cockroach team would return to square one.

However, these are just ideas of what could happen, but the ending is really what we saw in season 4.

Why Doesn’t Netflix Produce Season 5?

As we reported earlier, Netflix only distributes the series outside the United States. Thus, it has no autonomy to renew, cancel or make any changes to the series.

The Plot

In the series we follow Eleanor, played by Kristen Bell, who finds herself in the afterlife. Upon arriving at Bom Lugar, she realizes that she did not originally deserve to be there, as well as Chidi (William Jackson Harper), Tahani (Jameela Jamil) and Jason (Manny Jacinto). That is, they did not deserve to be in the afterlife in heaven.

Then they discover that, in fact, they have never been in the good place, and yes, they are in the bad place, being tortured by Michael (Ted Danson). This in turn, is the architect of the community that maintained the group.

Over time, Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason have aligned themselves with Michael and Janet (D’Arcy Carden), fighting the current system of the afterlife.

Is that you ? Would you like the series to win new episodes?


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