The Umbrella Academy: Everything We Know About Season 3


How will The Umbrella Academy and its season 3 be? Almost a month ago, the second part of the series of these strange superheroes arrived on Netflix but fans want to know what they can expect in the next chapters.

It is not for less, and it is those who has already seen the second season who knows perfectly that things did not end exactly as they began. We are not going to say anything else about it in case you have not seen the series yet, but then we recommend that you do not continue reading until you have finished with all the episodes because there are going to be spoilers inevitably.

What’s Going To Happen In The Third Season Of The Umbrella Academy

At the end of the second season, we discover that there is a new academy, new characters, and the most interesting of all: a new Ben. And it is that by saving the world once more after a trip through time, the Hargreeves brothers return to their time (or what in principle is their time) but everything has changed.

Does it have a solution? Have they got the wrong timeline? Did they bring about those changes? The Umbrella Academy and Season 3 will have to answer all of those questions. But for now, what the showrunner of the Netflix series has explained to The Wrap is the following.

The Hargreeves brothers still don’t know their full potential. What we have seen so far is only part of what you can do separately and together. So in The Umbrella Academy 3 we can look forward to much more: “I like to think as we go along that his powers are evolving too. They are learning new things, ”said Steve Blackman.

So more powers, more problems, and more family moments await us in the future of The Umbrella Academy. But there is more.

The Umbrella Academy Aeason 3 And The Mystery Of Ben

Until now only Klaus could communicate with Ben, played by actor Justin H. Min since he had died and thanks to Klaus’s powers they could speak. However, everything changes when the brothers return to the present and find that in the new academy (Sparrow Academy) Ben is there, alive, he just has no idea who the others are.

“ This Ben is flesh and blood and he exists. So that’s going to be new ground for Justin to dig into next season, and I think he’s very excited, “Blackman said. That means we won’t have the comical interactions and translations of Klaus and Ben, but we will get to see a lot better than Min’s character is capable of.

But is he the same old Ben? Is it another Ben? The showrunner did not want to reveal much, but he did comment on some things about the characters that will arrive in The Umbrella Academy and its season 3.

Blackman confirmed that we will see more superheroes/brothers. Lila was the first we’ve seen in this second season, but we knew early on that there was more. So the next few chapters are sure to introduce us to some siblings who may make things difficult for the Hargreeves. We will have to wait to see it.


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