“The Wilds” Has Been Renewed For A 2nd Season


Amazon officially renewed “The Wilds” for a second season, which will have 10 episodes. The series is a teen survival drama that follows a group of girls trapped on a desert island after the plane they crashed on.

A video with the cast of “The Wilds” celebrating the renewal of the series for another season was released on the program’s social networks. They appear on the set of the series very happy with the news that the series will continue – see below:

In the video, you can see Mia Healey (Shelby), Reign Edwards (Rachel), Shannon Berry (Dot), Jenna Clause (Martha), Helena Howard (Nora), Sophia Taylor Ali (Fatin) and Sarah Pidgeon (Leah), who star in the series on the recording set of “The Wilds” in New Zealand, which raises questions about when Amazon gave the green light for another season.

Entering the space of series for young people and teenagers was one of the priorities of the streaming platform of the electronic retail giant, which does not have many titles of this kind. With renewal confirmation coming just nine days after the series premiere, confirms Amazon Prime Video plans.

“The Wilds” revolves around a group of teenage girls from radically different backgrounds, who need to “fight for survival after a plane crash leaves them on a desert island”, they then go on to “bond and conflict while learning more over each other ”.

But there is only one thing here: It turns out that the accident was orchestrated as part of an experiment conducted by Dawn of Eve. Gretchen Klein, the woman behind the organization, is secretly manipulating girls to prove that women can lead society better than men.

Using the ability to tell the story through a divided timeline (taking place these days with the girls being questioned about what happened, and going back to the events that occurred on the island), the series revealed from the beginning that the girls they managed to leave the island, but the hows and whys of everything that happened remained a mystery.

The end of the season reveals that Gretchen’s son participated in a fraternity prank ritual that cost him his life. The incident took Gretchen’s son to prison. Although she fully accepted that her son was to blame for what happened, she also blamed the patriarchal system that encourages such behavior.

In a previous interview with Variety, showrunner Amy Harris explained the idea behind the series: “Obviously, we are living in a very divided world now and people are behind their computer screams trolling each other and shouting strong opinions and not listening to each other. What would happen if you pulled the people out of this world – a Dot and Shelby who don’t have much in common, but are from the same place – would they begin to see the common ground? We feel that they would. This may be a little bit of our hope: if you just turn off your phones for five seconds and actually talk to someone else, you will see that there are actually more similarities than differences. And its biggest similarity is the desire to survive ”.

“The Wilds” was created by Sarah Streicher, who serves as an executive producer alongside showrunner Amy Harris. Susanna Fogel directed and served as the pilot’s executive producer.


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