Virgin River: Season 3 Reveal Shocks Fans


Plot will surprise

It’s been a tough month for fans of the Virgin River series, Netflix’s original production. That’s because, after waiting almost a year to see what would happen in Season 2, the unpublished episodes brought viewers many twists and turns.

These twists and turns have led to an ending that involves some big questions. That includes a big and shocking cliffhanger that could completely change the type of stories we’ll see in season three.

But what’s next? The Virgin River screenwriter is giving you an idea of ​​what this big cliffhanger could mean for season 3. And some fans were shocked by these revelations.

The news of the season

People living in the remote town of Virgin River, California, can be involved in the warm embrace of various novels and other moving stories. But they are also used to intense intrigues.

The second season of Virgin River brought these plots more mysteriously. And, still, deepened in the love stories. However, it took us to an unexpected moment for Jack and Mel. So, showrunner Sue Tenney recently spoke with the Parade portal about what happened and even addressed the consequences of these facts for the third season.

Nothing happy forever?

Yes, we’ve seen Virgin River solve some real-life problems in seasons 1 and 2. The series explored (and probably will continue to explore) post-traumatic disorders and other problems that veterans face. Also, domestic violence, loneliness, as well as the loss of a child and a spouse. Not to mention, of course, in the series of relationship trials.

But while we like all these conflicts, isn’t it time for Mel and Jack to be happy?

As Sue Tenney said, the newly formed couple may be firmly in love and together now, but that does not mean (and cannot) mean that everything will be peaceful for them.

As we saw at the end, they will have a much bigger obstacle to overcome than Charmaine’s machinations when the third season begins.

After Jack was shot at the end of season two, we saw him dying on the floor of his bar. But anyone who hasn’t read the books Virgin River is based on can be sure that Jack will survive. So we probably won’t see Mel having to deal with another dead boyfriend in season three.

The question of who exactly shot Jack – and why – remains open, however.

The mystery of the season

Regarding this great mystery, Sue Tenney said something that shocked fans:

This is not a good thing. So, does it mean that the person who shot him is not really what we imagine?

If someone we’ve never seen before shot Jack, the audience will be truly shocked. But Tenney makes it sound, at least, as if it might not be one of Calvin’s goons who committed the crime.

Many spectators, by the way, are hoping that Charmaine was the author of the shots. But it will be?


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