Was Allison Mack (Smallville) Behaving Suspiciously On The Set Of The Series? One Of Her Co-stars Responds


This is the question that intrigues Internet users. Was Allison Mack already behaving suspiciously on the set of Smallville? Here is the response from an actor in the series.

No one suspected it and yet, Allison Mack was embroiled in an extraordinary sex scandal. Become the right arm of the guru Keith Raniere within the sect NXIVM, the actress was ordered to find him, sex slaves. What she did for two long years before being finally arrested in 2018. Today, the actress finds herself assigned to her parents’ home in California, and patiently awaits her trial. She faces between 15 years in prison and life imprisonment. A chilling story that his Smallville co-stars didn’t see coming at all. In any case, this is what an actor in the series said.

Interviewed by TMZ at the material time, Sam Jones III, who played Pete Ross, Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan’s best friend in Smallville, said Allison Mack was normal on the set of the series: “When we were in the show, Allison had a boyfriend so she was laid back. I guess she just got weird, you know what I mean? That her inner monster came out, but I dunno man. I just hope that the people involved are doing well and that she will be okay with it. ” For now, Allison Mack, who has been pictured for the first time since her arrest and the announcement of her divorce, is awaiting her sentencing date.


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