Home Entertainment Grey’s Anatomy: For Reasons How Is Jackson Avery’s Character Should Change

Grey’s Anatomy: For Reasons How Is Jackson Avery’s Character Should Change

Grey’s Anatomy: For Reasons How Is Jackson Avery’s Character Should Change

Although Grey’s Anatomy’s Avery involves the hottest scenes – flirting with women in a laundry room, among other places – his romantic relationships are getting tiring. For one, Mark Sloan asked Jackson ( Jesse Williams ) to be close to Lexie, to intentionally find out if Lexie was desperate without Mark. However, Jackson being Jackson, things took another turn.

Their connection and romance were super contagious and full of drama on Grey’s Anatomy. However, after dating for a few weeks, the two break up and move on with new partners. April even plans a wedding with Matthew, and on the wedding day, problems erupt.

During April and Matthew’s wedding, Jackson ( Jesse Williams ) declares his undying love for April, and the two end up eloping together, leaving Matthew at the altar. After the dramatic escape, Jackson secretly proposes to April and the two get engaged.

The two later marry, but conflicts arise over how to raise their children despite their cultural differences. The disagreements cause April to leave home to move in with Arizona and Callie. Later, they settle their differences and April discovers that she is pregnant.

But more trouble surrounds them with the revelation that their unborn child may suffer from osteogenesis imperfecta, which is a genetic disorder that affects the bones, so the two disagree on the most viable approach, with Jackson suggesting discontinuation. pregnancy, while April wants to bring the pregnancy to maturity.

Later her son is born and dies within a few hours. Traumatic episodes cause a detour in your marriage and then indefinitely divorce. On the other hand, the fun and light romantic episodes between Stephanie and Jackson bring up another uninteresting story from Jackson.

However, Jackson ( Jesse Williams ) is not in that relationship, and for him, it is a fun, unattached relationship. But Stephanie sees the relationship as more than that and is furious with how things turned out.

Jackson’s ( Jesse Williams ) stories were formed primarily around women who were ignorant of the nitty-gritty of his career and personality. Likewise, fans on Reddit commented that much of the stories revolve around women and that they are not there to see the boring twist of their romantic shows, Grey’s Anatomy should have developed other stories focused on his medical career and character development.


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