“Helstrom” Has Been Canceled And Will Not Have A Season 2


“Helstrom”, the supernatural drama series based on Marvel characters and comics, no longer exists. The Deadline reports that after a single season, the series was canceled by Hulu, another streaming service Disney conglomerate, ending an era of series produced by the now-defunct unit Marvel Television.

With the Marvel brand removed, the series seemed doomed from its inception. Consider that it was announced that “Helstrom” was in a separate reality from the MCU, further isolating the series from other Marvel properties. It also didn’t help that, when it was released two months ago, the series was badly rated and didn’t get much public attention.

This news of the cancellation of “Helstrom” also arrives days after Marvel announces a ton of new productions on Disney + (including “She-Hulk”), leaving the entire focus of comic book productions to the Marvel Cinematic Universe through Marvel Studios.

From the beginning it seemed that “Helstrom” would not work, the series was transferred to Hulu, because it was not “familiar” enough for Disney +, due to its elements of terror. All the marketing around the series, including its trailer, did not include the Marvel brand, even though it was a Marvel series, based on characters from the Marvel comics, and which was produced by Marvel Television, which is not surprising, considering this was the last series on Marvel Television.

Marvel Television, under the command of Jeph Loeb, kicked off in 2013 with “Agents of SHIELD”, in the wake of the film “The Avengers”, continuing through a shared universe of series on Netflix streaming, with the excellent “Daredevil”, followed by “Jessica Jones”, “Luke Cage” and “Iron Fist”, attracting its own dedicated fan base, eager to follow the adventures of Marvel heroes (especially Daredevil).

They have had other entries in this series universe since then, with the last being “Helstrom”, marking the last series produced by Marvel Television, which had expansion plans on Hulu, before this division was incorporated into Marvel Studios under Kevin Feige. and its Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is ready for a series of series on Disney +.

Among the new Marvel series on Disney +, included, the next “WandaVision”, followed by “Falcon and the Winter Soldier”, “Loki”, “Hawkeye”, “Ms. Marvel ”,“ She-Hulk ”, and more. All of these programs will have direct links to the MCU, taking the film franchise to a new level of influence as the era of cinema as we know it also comes to an end, in part, because of the ongoing pandemic.

Hulu is also not completely out of Marvel productions, it still has the next animated series “MODOK”, and given Disney’s control over the platform, it is also possible that in the future, properties less connected to the MCU, or that are not “Familiar” enough for them (like a series about a gay character like “Love, Victor”) to end there, or, who knows, on Star, the other streaming platform that the corporation plans to launch for the rest of your non-Disney + content.

“Helstrom” revolved around two brothers fighting “the worst of humanity”. They are the children of a horrendous serial killer and spend their lives secretly fighting the worst of humanity, tracking and hunting the horrors of the world to fight it. As the two fight evil, they discover secret hidden organizations that have been waging war between light and dark for years.

This plot gave the show a chance to explore the darker side of Marvel, as part of a planned sequence of Marvel series on Hulu, which ended up being discontinued. The series loosely followed the comic book characters of almost the same name (since there is “Hellstrom” with two Ls), and you know, the children are originally descendants of Satan, but the series changed that, as did other elements of the original story.


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