NCIS LA Season 12: See Everything We Know So Far About Callen and Anna’s Wedding


The daughter of former KGB officer Arkady ( Vyto Ruginis ), Anna ( Bar Paly ), and G Callen ( Chris O’Donnel l) have been touching the hearts of NCIS LA fans for the past few seasons thanks to their rather turbulent romance.

NCIS LA season 12 began with Anna back in Callen’s arms, however, and CBS viewers now hope that the only way is the best way for their relationship. The seventh episode of season 12, titled Overdue, is going to deliver on that.

In a short promo clip for NCIS LA season 12, episode seven, fans can catch a glimpse of an important talk Callen needs to have with his old friend Arkady. But what could be on the agenda and what is so urgent that you need to talk to your friend? Well, midway through a phone conversation, the CBS series stalwart clings to an engagement ring, hinting that Anna has a great proposal on the way.

The promo clip begins with Arkady working out at a local park, although, in typical Arkady fashion, he’s smoking a cigar at the same time. While on a call to Callen at the same time, Arkady seems to be apologizing for having to cancel a meeting with his old friend.

Similarly, Callen teases Arkady that his new friend is the one giving the cliche advice before taking a more serious note with his friend. So he takes a diamond-encrusted ring and starts spinning it in his hand.

Arkady’s suspicions begin to grow when he asks: Why not? Is my Anna okay? Because Callen assures Arkady that his daughter is fine before the former KGB officer jokes that he’s calling because the Russians have captured Eric Beale ( Barrett Foa ).

When he says goodbye, Callen tells Arkady that he will go meet him, but will he get the blessing of proposing to his friend’s daughter? And even if it does, who can say that Anna will say yes? Could there be a heartbreak down the road for Callen or should fans be gearing up for another NCIS LA wedding?

Fans will have to wait until the CBS drama returns in the new year to see if Callen and Anne have a happy ending. Don’t forget that NCIS LA season 12 will return to CBS on Sunday, January 3.


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