Swat: Actor In The Series Confirms Tragic News For Fans


Star brought news to fans on Christmas Eve

The great SWAT star, and former Criminal Minds star, actor Shemar Moore ended up confirming tragic news for his fans on Christmas Eve. The actor, unfortunately, tested positive for the coronavirus.

The news was published by Moore himself on his social networks, which was still very positive in his speech. “I’ll be fine,” he emphasized.

“ I have Covid. And I only found out moments before. I thought I had food poisoning because I had chills all day. I also felt pain. But I can still smell, taste … I also have no cough and no runny nose, “informed Hondo’s SWAT interpreter.

The news, without a doubt, is worrying. First, because Moore was still filming scenes for the SWAT series this week. Therefore, he may have contracted during the recordings or even have infected some other member of the cast.

The production paused for a Christmas and New Year break but was scheduled to resume recording in the first week of the year. However, with Moore’s diagnosis, this calendar will certainly have an impact. With that, the return of unpublished episodes in the United States may also change.

Successful trajectory

Shemar Moore has a successful track record on television. And always playing a policeman ready to help. The star appeared in the public spotlight in 2003, when he starred in the adaptation of the comics Birds of Prey. In the series, derived from the Batman universe, he lived the policeman Jeese Reese, who made a romantic pair with the protagonist, Helena Kyle, played by Ashley Scott.

However, Moore achieved stardom when, in 2005, he starred in Criminal Minds. There, the actor stayed as a regular for eleven seasons. However, he returned for cameos in the thirteenth and fourteenth seasons.

Now, since 2017, he is also one of the great protagonists of the SWAT remake. There, he plays Sergeant Daniel Harrelson “Hondo”. We wish the actor better, and that he can recover quickly to return to the series recordings.

The season is giving the talk

The current SWAT season is giving something to talk about. Reflecting the current moment in which the world lives, it not only highlighted the pandemic but also highlighted another major problem faced in the world – one that has recently gained the spotlight in the United States. We are talking about police racism.

The first episode, for example, resumed the 1992 protests in Los Angeles. Such protests were against police brutality practiced on blacks, in an episode similar to what happened to George Floyd in 2020. Floyd was killed in the United States by a policeman, asphyxiated.

With that, the series has been proving more relevant than ever. Without fear of criticism, the series is dealing with important topics that increasingly gain the need for discussion in society.

By having a black protagonist, SWAT sees itself in its duty to incorporate in its text the practice of racism and police brutality. Also, it defends how that needs to change and stop.


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