“The Queen Of Flow 2”: Yeimy Faces Her Past Again In The First Teaser of The New Season


“The Queen of Flow 2” is loaded with surprises. Through the series’ social networks, the first glimpse of what this second season will be was published where Yeimy Montoya, played by Carolina Ramírez, will face his past again.

In the clip you can see that he has a good relationship with Erick (Juan Manuel Restrepo). They have concerts and share what they love the most; however, the arrival of threatening messages will destabilize her emotionally.

As you remember, in the first season of “La Reina del Flow”, the reason for his misfortune was Charly Flow (Carlos Torres), so now, his suspicions only point towards him, only that he is confused since he is in jail paying his sentence for having killed Gema (Mabel Moreno).

Yeimy tries to forget about these episodes and prefers to focus on her relationship with Juancho (Andrés Sandoval). However, he decides to face Charly in jail who denied these accusations at all times.

Added to this problem is the arrival of the producer  White Shark, headed by Mike Rivera, an eccentric businessman and a powerful shark in the music business, who will put Surround Vibes in check.


The successful Colombian series “La Reina del Flow” will have a second season, which will feature 80 new episodes, which began filming at the beginning of the year, as told by actress Carolina Ramírez, who plays Yeimy Montoya / Tammy Andrade. 

“In this second (season) we will be under the baton of (the directors) Klych López and Andrés López (…), in a season that promises many things: new characters, new music, renewed looks, but without losing that essence that made them stick to the TV for 83 chapters. This time it will be 80 ”, he revealed to Metro Ecuador.


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