The Resident: Nic And Conrad Get Married In Season 4 Preview


Medical drama returns for the fourth season

The Resident is returning and, with it, a great event promises to thrill fans: the long-awaited wedding of Conrad and Nic.

The wedding will mark the big debut of the fourth season, which will take place in the United States on January 12th. The trailers, so far, do not make it clear when this wedding takes place. But given the doctors’ struggle in the face of the pandemic, we guess that it will happen in a pre-pandemic period – or, at least, in the beginning.

The biggest evidence is in Nic’s speech to Conrad, who says: “ Difficult times are coming. They always come. But when they come, I want to face them with you by my side ”, says the nurse. The scene can be seen in a preview that you can see below.

Also, some other stars in the series explain what to expect from the new episodes.

What’s next

” The new season of ‘The Resident’ is explosive,” says actor Manish Dayal, who plays Dr. Devon Pravesh. ” We started at the beginning of the pandemic,” he explains. Actor Matt highlights that we will see doctors “ dealing with this, in a personal way. And in a way that only ‘The Resident’ can show ”.

Soon after, in one of the scenes, we see Nurse Nic presenting a kind of mural on which is presented the health professionals of the Chastain Park Memorial who died in the face of the pandemic.

Actress Shaunette Renée Wilson, who plays Dr. Mina Okafor, explains how love will have weight this season. ” They honor the relationships and closeness they have created “.

It is also explained that there will be changes in the lives of the characters and many stories, not told so far, will be explored in the season. That is, the fans will have to deal with strong emotions already in the first episode.

More news for the third season

Certainly, the fourth season will be special for fans. That’s because, since its debut, the series has never gone so long without airing unpublished episodes. It was more than eight months without broadcasting an unpublished chapter, due to the Hollywood shutdown. So when the new episodes arrive, the anxiety will be high.

In addition to what was announced, fans can expect more news.

Actor Conrad Ricamora, who was in the cast of How To Get Away With Murder, will appear as Dr. Jake Wong, a gay plastic surgeon who is dedicated to singing and composing in his spare time. More importantly, however, Jake is also Dr. Bell’s ex-stepson from a previous marriage – but that relationship ended bitterly after Bell divorced Jake’s mother.

In the last episode aired, the end of the third season, Conrad was invited to be the new publicity image for Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. With that, the fourth season should show this plot, with Conrad being explored through his career as a war veteran. But will he accept the position? Or will it pass? And in this advertising path, we will also be able to see Dr. Bell working more on television since this was rehearsed in the third season. Will he leave the hospital to become one of the many “TV doctors”?

Another plot that should be concluded is about the son-in-law of Dr. Kit Voss, who is between life and death due to a super bacterium he contracted in the hospital. It was all Dr. Cain’s fault. Cain’s fate will be shown at the beginning of the season.


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