They criticize Belinda for “putting up with” Christian Nodal “drunk”


The singer received criticism on social networks after a video where Nodal is seen erratic on her mother’s birthday.

Last November, Christian Nodal’s mother had her birthday, and the couple celebrated it in style.

During the celebration, the singer was a bit taken and unwell when his beloved Belinda sang Love at First Sight.

Belinda is seen standing with all the energy singing to her mother-in-law, while Nodal appears seated, with little fluency when singing along with her beloved. Even in the middle of the scene, the singer does the chorus of the Los Ángeles Azules theme.

Hundreds of messages on social networks criticize Nodal’s attitude, but more to Belinda for tolerating him.

Here are some of the criticisms of the singer:

“Well, the truth will put up with it while she’s in love after she sees things she’ll see that she’s an old man for the poor guy who doesn’t even know how to take that fucking bear.”

“Belinda supports Cristian Nodal up to the flip flops.”

“Belinda very beautiful and patient with her drunk boyfriend, how cool.”


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