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Trailer For The 2nd Season Of “Servant” Shows The Search For Leanne


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AppleTV + has released a new, potentially scary, trailer for the second season of “Servant”, which features a scary follow-up to the anguish of the first season and a more supernatural story steeped in the occult.

The clip begins with Leanne Grayson (Nell Tiger Free) looking directly at the camera as she introduces herself and explains: “I hope you consider me a responsible and loyal guardian for your child,” she says as a thought-provoking and sinister trail grows.

So, the trailer follows showing Sean and Dorothy Turner desperately looking for Leanne and her son, Jericho, while also finding out more about Leanne’s dark side, and suggests a season with much more supernatural elements – watch below:

The trailer shows a more supernatural angle for the second season of the series, which until then has not gone so far in this type of element. Basing most of their scares and disturbing scenarios on the drama between the central trio, the end of the first season sparked a much more sinister second season, with the arrival of Uncle George and Aunt May de Leanne, who appear to be members of a mysterious cult. . Based on that, we look forward to the second season to delve deeper into the origins of the cult and its connection to Dorothy, for whom Leanne seems to be particularly obsessed.

Much of the first season is spent discovering the origins of baby Jericho, ending with Leanne apparently abducting the baby and her mysterious uncles. The second season of “Servant” will continue with Sean and Dorothy Turner (played by Toby Kebbell and Lauren Ambrose) looking for their son, Jericho, or so they think.

While Jericho tragically died, he appeared to have risen after Dorothy hired a suspected nanny named Leanne Grayson (Tiger Free). With Leanne leaving the Turners’ house and returning to her service at the end of the first season, the baby disappeared too, making Sean and Dorothy want him back at all costs.

Now, the Turners are looking for the real baby (whether theirs or not), which means they have to find Leanne. What they don’t know is that the unnerving nanny brings with it a mysterious malaise wherever she goes. This should do very well in the new season which seems to be taking on much more evident supernatural elements.

“Servant”, which was renewed for the second season before the premiere, also has the green light for a third season before the premiere of the second, which is not surprising. The program produced by M. Night Shyamalan premiered attracting the attention of the public and very positive reviews from critics. “Servant” was also one of the first original series to debut on Apple’s streaming service as it developed its library, which finally seems to have something (but it still doesn’t seem worth a subscription).

The series will continue it’s second, potentially scary, season on January 15, 2021, when it debuts on AppleTV +.

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