‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Is The Second Time That Pedro Pascal Appears In The Superheroine’s Universe


The long-awaited sequel to Wonder Woman hit Spanish theaters on December 18, and on December 24 it has done so in the US both within theaters and on HBO Max. Its critical reception has been slightly different from the excitement that the heroine’s first adventure caused, but many voices have highlighted the funny role played by Pedro Pascal  as the villain Maxwell Lord. It is a new triumph for an actor who since his appearance as Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones has not stopped giving us joy, and to whom we recently said goodbye in the emotional end of The Mandalorian.

Pascal, now, has pending both the imminent premiere of Superchildren on Netflix (repeating at the orders of Robert Rodriguez after an explosive episode of The Mandalorian ) and a project as unclassifiable as The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, where he plays a drug dealer who turns out to be the biggest fan of Nicolas Cage (who in that film plays himself). With regard to Wonder Woman 1984, precisely, Pascal has declared that this actor was his great influence to play Maxwell Lord, and throughout the promotion, he has also occasionally recalled that this Patty Jenkins film is not his first appearance in the DC Universe.

Nor, in short, in Wonder Woman. Back in 2011, when he was an unknown actor limited to television, Pascal worked on the pilot of a Wonder Woman series produced by NBC that did not see the light of day. David E. Kelley was primarily responsible, with Adrianne Palicki ( Friday Night Lives ) playing Diana Prince, and Pascal doing the same with Ed Indelicato, a detective who was in contact with the police force for Wonder Woman. The pilot where he participated, apparently, left a lot to be desired, so that this Wonder Woman did not get to host more chapters, remaining as a footnote in Pascal’s career.

However, the actor remembers that experience as a job where he placed high hopes. “It was like a dream come true. David E. Kelley’s influence on television was huge when I was just out of college and had seen every episode of Friday Night Lights. I also thought that good or bad, it was going to boost my career, “he recalls for Variety“That it would significantly change my financial situation, even if it was canceled in the middle of the season. But it didn’t even last that long and I had a very bad year, with sporadic jobs. “

Pascal, therefore, had to play small roles in series such as The Good Wife or The Mentalist before his celebrated appearance in Game of Thrones, which was followed by other memorable roles in Narcos, the sequel to Kingsman or Triple Frontier. On the possibility that Warner chose him for Wonder Woman 1984  thanks to his appearance in the failed series, Pascal is doubtful: “Either they didn’t know it or they didn’t care. I’m not sure, but it is an anecdote that has gone quite unnoticed ”.


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