Lucifer Season 6: Netflix Finale Release Date, Trailer, What Will Happen, Actors, Characters And Everything


The flames of hell continue to burn: “Lucifer” will have a sixth and final season. On Tuesday, June 24, 2020, Netflix confirmed the renewal of the series for a final batch of episodes, a few weeks after Tom Ellis reached an agreement with Warner Bros. Television to go back and forth once more from the underworld.

In principle, the streaming company had decided that ” Lucifer ” would end with its fifth season, the first part of which was released on Friday, August 21, but such was the pressure from the followers of the dramatic comedy that Netflix could not help but back down and give it one more year to live.

“If you want a sixth season or more, make yourself heard. We love that you like ‘Lucifer’, your support on social media is appreciated and important. If there is only season 5 left, I don’t think they will be disappointed. We will not let you down. But if you want more, let the whole world know ”, actress Lauren German (Chloe Decker) had asked the fans in June 2019  and the request was heard by all.

TVLine reported on May 29 that Tom Ellis (Lucifer) had reached an agreement with the studio to continue playing the king of the underworld in a sixth installment, which will now be the final one. At the end of February, showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson had done the same, leaving the table set for the renovation, which would wait a few months.

On September 8, the same media reported that the sixth season will consist of 10 episodes, six less than the fifth installment. That is, ” Lucifer ” will close its run with 93 episodes if Netflix does not increase the order as it has already happened in the past.

To get an idea of what could happen in the new batch of episodes of ” Lucifer “, it is necessary to wait for the fifth season to be complete.

For now, at the end of the first part, after spending thousands of years in hell, Lucifer returned to Los Angeles to stop Michael, his twin brother, whose final plan is still unknown. While he said he wanted to destroy Lucifer’s life and then usurp it, he ultimately did not stop acting mysteriously, even when he fought the lord of the underworld and Amenadiel and appeared, in the climax, God.

What will happen then in the second part of the fifth season? Since God came to the surface, he should put things in order. However, it is unclear how much Michael may have influenced his father during the absence of the other angels. Even his arrival could be part of the evil archangel’s plan.

When Netflix backtracked and announced the sixth season, both Modrovich and Henderson felt they had a chance to finish the story as they had always wanted, flatly ruling out any further renewal. In mid-July, in dialogue with EW, they said that the sixth will undoubtedly be Lucifer’s ” last story. ”

” (It is) the story that we were always going to tell, but simply written much bigger and, for me, (now) much more interesting, it breaks my heart to think that we were not going to do it (originally) this way, ” he said. Henderson.

In mid-August, Modrovich added, when talking to ET Online, that season six will be even more social, as it will address the Black Lives Matter movement. As ” Lucifer ” is a police program, the team wants to explore ” how we have contributed to or addressed the systemic problems of the police department, ” based on a story that denounces the use of excessive force against the African American population.

The episode will be told,” through the eyes of our characters from an emotional place and not a place of preaching .” The co-showrunner explained that experiencing the problem firsthand ” makes it resonate on a deeper level than just words or rhetoric .”

On October 29, Modrovich announced that they had finished writing the script for this final season.


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