Netflix Announced The Second Season Of Ragnarok, The Series Based On Norwegian mythology


The Gods and the Giants are back in Edda, the fictional town where Ragnarök takes place. With all protocols in place, Netflix announced the start of production on the second season of the hit original series made in Norway. Like the first, it will have six episodes and will premiere in 2021.

Ragnarök is a drama based on Norwegian mythology with a surprising new perspective. The story is centered on Magne (David Stakston), a 17-year-old teenager who moves to Edda and begins to feel changes in his body. He stops wearing glasses and discovers that he has enormous strength and speed for any human being.

In its premiere season – launched on January 31 of this year – it was seen how unusual meteorological phenomena begin to occur in Edda: very hot winters, droughts and floods that generate suspicion in Magne and her friend Isolde, obsessed with the causes of climate change.

They are suspicious of the largest company in Norway, for which almost the entire town works, and that it appears to be polluting the town’s water with toxic substances. But everything seems to indicate that the Apocalypse is coming, or in Norwegian, the Ragnarök.

The company belongs to the Jutul, the most beloved and wealthiest family in the city. Then, the task of finding evidence that proves that crime is complicated. But also, this powerful family hides a great secret: they are Giants, the great enemies of the Norse Gods. Hence, the story also revolves around the eternal struggle between good and evil.

The second season picks up where the first ends: what would you do if you were 17 years old and found out that you were up against a mighty ancient enemy who had an entire people under relentless control? Maybe even the entire country?

The confrontation in Edda will be increasingly fierce. Now that he is ready for battle, Magne must accept that his enemies are too numerous and too strong. Is there someone else who is like him and has supernatural powers? Will you be able to find these people in time?

And what happens when his younger brother, Laurits (Jonas Strand Gravli), turns out to be also exceptional but looks at the world completely differently from Magne? These and many other questions trigger the new Ragnarök argument.

It is to be expected that in the continuation of the story, the conflicts will flare-up, the evil will intensify and the alternatives will become more desperate. And in the midst of all this, Magne must answer a fundamental question: how far will he go to save his family?

As said, Ragnarök refers to “the battle of the end of the world”, where Gods and Giants clashed and caused the total destruction of the planet. According to the Norwegian myth, a new land emerges from the waters and the gods are victorious. In this new world, evil and misery will no longer exist, gods and men will live together in peace and harmony.

In addition to addressing the conflicts of adolescence, the series manages to combine 21st-century problems, such as climate change, with that mythological war between heroes and villains that Marvel already brought to the cinema with the Thor franchise, the God of the hammer. The references to him, Loki, and other characters in the series are constant. But they have another background.

In addition to the announcement, which was accompanied by a picture of the cast of the second season, Netflix also confirmed that new characters will be added in the second season.

The six-episode drama features Adam Price ( Borgen ) and Emilie Lebech Kaae writing the script, and Mogens Hagedorn directing. The series is produced by SAM Productions, the Danish production company owned by Price and Lebech Kaae.


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