Series Canceled In 2020: Netflix And Company Blacklist


Among all the unhappy things that happened in this difficult year, saying goodbye to TV shows sounds pretty trivial. However, some of the titles that were canceled from the following list gave fans one more reason to stay on their respective streaming platforms in 2020.

As always, some shows don’t return because their ratings dropped or the creators decided it was time to end. But the coronavirus (COVID-19) has meant that some series that were initially announced as renewed, will end up being eliminated due to the challenges associated with production during the pandemic.

And no wonder. The virus has left the economy of many countries in crisis, as well as hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world without work, including actors in series and movies. Therefore, it is quite sad to say goodbye to these productions, either for the fans of the programs or for those who were concerned about the future of their favorite stars.

In any case, streaming websites and the TV cable will not assume its popularity. Some shows will stop airing, but this also means that others will take their place. Therefore, here we present the blacklist of the series that were not renewed by the television networks, according to Vertele.

Netflix – 24 cancellations

  • ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ (season 4):
  • ‘Glow’ (season 3)
  • ‘Anne with an E’ (season 3)
  • ‘Altered Carbon’ (season 2)
  • ‘Insatiable’ (season 2)
  • ‘The order’ (season 2)
  • ‘Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’ (Season 1)
  • ‘This Shit Beats Me’ (Season 1)
  • ‘The Society’ (season 1)
  • ‘White Lines’ (season 1)
  • ‘Away’ (season 1)
  • ‘Marianne’ (season 1)
  • ‘Queen Sono’ (season 1).
  • ‘Soundtrack’ (season 1)
  • ‘Turn up Charlie’ (season 1)
  • ‘V-Wars’ (season 1)
  • ‘The October Faction’ (Season 1)
  • ‘Messiah’ (season 1)
  • ‘AJ and the Queen’ (season 1)
  • ‘Spinning Out’ (season 1)
  • ‘The Big Show Show’ (season 1)
  • ‘Ashley García: The Equation of Love’ (season 1)
  • ‘Two very stray bullets’ (season 1)
  • ‘Hoops’ (season 1)
  • Hulu – 5 cancellations
  • ‘Castle Rock’ (season 2)
  • ‘High Fidelity’ (season 1)
  • ‘Helstrom’ (season 1)
  • ‘Harlots’ (Courtesans) (season 2)
  • ‘Reprisal’ (season 1)

Amazon Prime Video – 1 cancellation

  • ‘Utopia’ (season 1)


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