“The Mess You Leave” Will Have Season 2 On Netflix?


Based on the novel by Carlos Montero released in 2016, “El desorden que dejas” is a Spanish Netflix series that follows the story of Raquel, a literature teacher, who is haunted by a suspicious death that recently occurred in the institute where you just started working.

On her first day at Novariz High School, she finds a note in her bag that says “How long will it take you to die?” Soon she will discover who the teacher she is replacing was and how she has shaped everyone’s lives.

” The disorder you leave ” is directed by Montero Silvia Quer and Roger Gual, and features performances by Inma Cuesta as Raquel Valero, Bárbara Lennie as Elvira Ferreiro, Tamar Novas as Germán, Arón Piper as Iago Nogueira and Roberto Enríquez as Mauro Muñiz.

The eight episodes of the first season, which were filmed since October 21, 2019 in Galicia, are available on Netflix only as of Friday, December 11, 2020, but users are already asking for a second installment.


Although the streaming giant has not made any official announcement about the future of ” The disorder you leave “, it is most likely that it will not get a second batch of episodes, since it was announced as a miniseries.

Furthermore, considering that both Carlos Montero’s book and the last episode of the Spanish series have a closed ending, a continuation would not be possible. However, the creators of fiction could look for other options.

Although the main mystery is solved at the end of the first installment of ” The mess you leave, ” they could create another story set in the same town and focused on new characters. But so far there is nothing confirmed.

Netflix typically takes a few weeks to assess audience response and even though they don’t share these figures they can determine whether a series is renewed or canceled.

However, in an interview with El Confidencial, Montero discarded the idea: “I always say that I hope and ‘Elite’ will last me 20 seasons and be our ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ on Netflix because I really want to continue with this series since it is thought to be long-lasting, but ‘The Disorder You Leave’ is not. This is a season and that’s it, it’s the adaptation of the novel. ”


If Netflix renews “ The Disorder You Leave ” for a second season it is possible that the new episodes will arrive sometime in 2022.


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