Bridgerton Season 1: Explaining The End On Netflix!


Bridgerton is available on Netflix! If you want to know the explanation of the end of the first season of Bridgerton, read on! The Shondaland Netflix Original Series is a romantic period drama set in Regency England. Follow the story of Bridgerton’s prolific brood, with all the siblings in alphabetical order. Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory, and Hyacinth navigate the troubled waters of the beautiful world of London where scandal awaits them at every turn. The first season focuses on Daphne Bridgerton’s dramatic romance with Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings. Before continuing, if you want to know everything about the second season, read this.

What begins as a ruse, a false courtship to keep ambitious, marriage-loving mothers away from Simon. And to draw the attention of other eligible gentlemen to Daphne’s impending wish. It becomes very real when the growing attraction of Simon and Daphne leads to a passionate kiss that takes marriage even further. Meanwhile, an unknown writer, operating under the pseudonym Lady Whistledown, reports on London’s elite in her luscious and scandalous gossip column. Let’s take a closer look at the finale of Bridgerton’s first season.

Episode 8, Summary

It’s obvious to everyone around them that Simon and Daphne are very much in love, but His Grace has a chip on her shoulder. Her father was unforgivably mean to her as a child. So he made a vow of vengeance to the old duke that he would never marry and that the Hastings title would die with him. This vow is the only thing keeping Simon from leading a happy married life to Daphne. Bridgerton’s first season finale begins with Daphne and Simon’s decision to separate after receiving the Hastings ball.

At the Featheringtons, Sir Phillip Crane arrives with the news of Sir George’s death. He proposes to Miss Marina Thompson, who is pregnant with her dead brother’s baby. Lord Featherington, a serial gambler, hopes to win back his lost fortune by making the biggest bet of his life. Will Mondrich makes a deal with Lord Featherington and organizes a boxing match so Featherington can win big.

Meanwhile, Daphne finds the letters that Simon had written to her father as a child. Reading them gives you a better idea of ​​what your husband went through as a child. Elsewhere, Anthony rekindles his affair with Siena, but it is short-lived and the opera singer ends up breaking up with Lord Bridgerton for good. Simon spends time with the youngest of the Bridgerton brothers and is excellent with children. Eloise manages to prevent the identity of Lady Whistledown from being revealed. The Hastings Ball is a real hit for Daphne and Simon.

Explanation Of The End Of Bridgerton Season 1

We have to admit that things looked pretty bleak for Simon and Daphne until the last episode. They had both made a big mistake and for a very haunting episode 7, all seemed lost. Thankfully, the finale of Bridgerton’s first season sees the pair reconcile after Daphne declared her undying love for Simon at the Hastings ball. And Simon finally admits that holding a grudge against his dead father is getting him nowhere.

Lady Danbury and Lady Bridgerton play their own role in the young couple’s reconciliation. Violet tells Daphne that although she has found her true love in her father, their marriage has not been without difficulties. No relationship is without its problems. Lady Danbury begs Simon not to let her pride get in the way of her happiness. In the end, Simon’s best sense and love for Daphne outweighs her father’s hatred.

She realizes that she kept the vow of vengeance she made on her father. A man who is no longer alive prevents him from achieving true happiness. Simon tells Daphne that he loves her more than anything and that he is ready to live a happy life with her. In the end, love really trumps all for Simon and Daphne. And they end the episode with the birth of their first child. A boy Simon wants to name with the alphabet A, following the tradition of the Bridgerton family.

What Happens To Lord Featherington?

The last time we saw Lord Featherington, he walked into a room with some dark-looking men who had placed bets on the boxing match Mondrich had thrown. Upon returning from the Hastings ball, Lady Featherington learns that her husband has been murdered and that the Bow Street Runners are on the case. The money that Lord Featherington won in the boxing match is nowhere to be found.

The Featheringtons say goodbye to Marina Thompson, who accepts Sir Phillip’s proposal for the sake of her unborn child. Lady Featherington’s face is tinged with sadness as she read the name of the


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