‘Dark Matter’ Renewed For A Third And Final Season


Dark Matter has been officially renewed for a third season. HBO and the BBC have confirmed that the television adaptation of Philip Pullman’s popular fantasy saga will return with a new batch of 8 episodes that will close the story. At the moment, there is no scheduled release date, but it is known that the production of the third part will begin in Wales in spring 2021.

The news comes to a couple of days after the second installment concludes, which had to settle for just seven episodes after complications in the filming due to the Covid-19 crisis. Already in November it became known that Jack Thorne ( The Virtues ) and the team of writers of Dark Matter were busy writing the then future third season, which will cover the entire third and final book in the saga, The Lacquered Spyglass.

Those responsible for this fantasy series on HBO and BBC, which can be followed here on HBO Spain, claim to be happy with the reception of the series: “Fans of Pullman books, as well as newcomers, have been captivated by venturing with Lyra and Will across multiple worlds. We are very excited that they can continue their journey in the third season of this beautifully made series, “said the head of dramatic fiction at the BBC, Ben Irving, in a recent statement for the Deadline portal.


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