Ragnarok 2 Season Confirmed – Synopsis, Premiere Date And What To Expect


Netflix has officially confirmed the second season of Ragnarok.

Here you stay on top of everything we know so far from the official Netflix series, which is already a success with its launch.

What is the release date?

Look, we don’t have anything official yet, but as Netflix announced the second season even before the first was released, I believe it will arrive in early 2021.

Again, it’s just a suggestion and doesn’t take it as an official date.

As soon as we have an official position on the company, we will update this article.

What to expect from this new season?

It is all too early to give a little more accurate guess.

However, everything indicates that we will have an approximation between Magne and Thor, with rumors of Laurits, Magne’s brother, following the same path of the well-known Loki, Thor’s brother.

Anyone who knows Loki from other films, knows very well what he is capable of doing for power, against everything and everyone in Asgard, has always been a problem for his brother and father.

Will Laurits really follow suit?

How many episodes will we have in Ragnarok’s Second Season?

Not much is known yet about what comes in the second season, but according to some speculation, this phase may contain between 6 and 8 episodes, just as it was with the previous season.

Now what we have left is to wait as the information about the second season of Ragnarok comes out.

In the meantime, you can stay on top of everything that happened in the first season of the series.

The special article contains all the information about the series and a summary of all episodes.


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