Sherlock Season 4: Third Episode Title Revealed


Just one month before the premiere of season 4 of Sherlock (the series is scheduled to return on January 1, 2017) the BBC has decided to officially publish the title of the third chapter of the new season: ‘ The Final Problem ‘As you will recall, in September this year the first two episodes were published:’ The Six Thatchers ‘ and ‘ The Lying Detective ‘ (which in Spanish would be something like The Six Roofers and The Lying Detective).

According to Addicts Series, this third and last episode of the season will not only be released on television, but the British network is scheduled to be screened in 350 theaters in the United Kingdom, between January 16 and 18. This has caused many fans to think that this could be the end of the series, while other theories would rather point to a direct relationship with the final chapter of season 2, known as ‘ The Reichenbach Fall ‘.

On the other hand, Martin Freeman, the actor who will play Watson again in season 4 of Sherlock, spoke with EW Morning Live about the future of his character now that he is a father. If you remember the end of season 3, the doctor’s partner, Mary, was revealed to be pregnant. “It’s a huge responsibility. I can’t change the series that much because it has a dynamic John is a bit changed, but you can’t change the form of the series too much.”

Freeman has also announced that this new season will have a somewhat darker touch. “The cases in the series have always been dark. Some of them are scary, you’ve seen the worst of human nature. It’s not like you’re watching Saw, but in an entertaining way, you’re seeing a very raw side of people. And there is much more to that. Also, it is obvious what happens when a friend has a baby and joins someone else, this has an effect on the dynamics of their friendship. I don’t want to reveal anything, but there are many changes underway. ”

Finally, the actor also wanted to talk about the possibility of a season 5 of Sherlock, something that would delight fans, who do not see the continuation of the series for sure. “If you are in a fiction that is so well written, so well recorded, so well broadcast, and you are lucky enough to have chemistry with the person, it is wonderful. This does not happen every day, but at the same time, we want to do other things. And thank God we are all very busy. Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are busy. Everyone is busy. I do not want to make any promises in that direction, “concludes the protagonist of The Hobbit.


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