The OA Will Not Have Season 3: Why Was The Series Canceled And How Did The Story End?

Although the last episode of the second season of The OA left the door open for a third installment, on Monday, August 5, Netflix announced the cancellation of the series. In a statement, the streaming platform reported that after three years and 16 episodes broadcast, the fiction, created by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, comes to an end.

“ We are incredibly proud of the 16 fascinating chapters of ‘ The OA, ‘ as well as grateful to Brit and Zal for sharing their bold vision and bringing it to life through their incredible art. We look forward to working with them again in the future, in this and perhaps other dimensions, “said Cindy Holland, vice president of original content for the streaming platform.

After learning of the cancellation, Marling wrote on his Instagram account: “ Zal and I are deeply saddened by not finishing this story. The first time I heard the news, I cried a lot. ”

“ So did one of our executives at Netflix who has been with us since the early days when we were drawing Hap’s basement on the floor of our production office in Queens. It has been an intense journey that worked and cared about this story, “he added.

According to ‘La Vanguardia’, “_when Netflix must decide between quality and quantity, it always opts for the latter option”, except for the production being nominated for the Emmy Awards, which is not the case of The OA.


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What Happened At The End Of “The Oa”?

The second season of The OA follows Prairie Johnson into a new dimension, this time as a Russian heiress who, once again, is kidnapped by Hap. This new installment incorporates Karim Washington, a private detective who investigates the disappearance of a young woman named Michelle Vu. Their path will intersect with OA’s as they try to uncover the mystery about Michelle’s whereabouts and that of a house in Nob Hill, connected to the disappearance of many teenagers.

Meanwhile, in the first dimension, Betty / BBA (Phyllis Smith), Angie (Chloë Levine), and the other boys set out on a journey to try to understand the truth about OA’s history and the incredible facts that she related to them when she was with them.

In the last episode of the second part of The OA after Hap shoots Homer, ‘OA’ takes them all to a new dimension to try to save them  but things change radically again. In this place, Prairie is an actress named Brit and gets hurt performing a stunt on the set of a television show, while Hap is an actor named Jason Isaacs. That is, the protagonists of the series are now in our dimension and ‘OA’ is again injured and needs help.

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