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The Rain Season 3: Will Netflix Release New Episodes On Its Streaming Platform?


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The second season of The Rain ( Rain ) is available on Netflix since Friday 17 May. The Danish series presents a world hit by a mysterious virus that kills almost the entire Scandinavian population (Norway, Sweden, and Denmark), and the only survivors, in addition to avoiding contagion, supposedly transmitted by rain, must avoid other survivors, a typical situation of any apocalypse.

Five years after being locked in a bunker by their father, who they have not heard from in that time, two brothers emerge to the surface to see first-hand what happened to the world and to find another way to survive. Their names are Simone and Rasmus, who quickly meet other young people they get along with, but also run into other people with destructive intentions as the rain itself. Running is valid, but always with your feet out of any puddle.

Although the six new episodes recently premiered, fans of the drama created by Jannik Tai Mosholt, Esben Toft Jacobsen, and Christian Potalivo are already asking for a third season of The Rain.

Netflix has yet to make any announcements regarding the renewal or cancellation of The Rain, but it is still too early for a definitive answer. Normally the streaming service takes around six weeks to assess the audience’s reaction and although it does not share the figures of its shows, we know that this is an important factor when ordering new episodes of a show.

Taking into account that the first season of was released on May 4 and Netflix announced the second on the 30th of the same month, it is most likely that the streaming service will have a response in mid-June. Also, with the end of the second installment, it is clear that there is more story to tell.

What Happened At The End Of Season 2 Of “The Rain”?

In the final episode of the second season of The Rain, titled Trust No One, Simone and the rest of the group manage to get Rasmus, who is seriously injured, to a doctor. But first, they must get rid of a set led by a man with a snake tattoo on his arm, the same one who long ago murdered Jean’s foster family and caused him to accidentally kill Vilde.

When Simone and Rasmus, who already looks better, tell the doctor that they are heading to Norrkkoping to search for their Frederik Andresen, she timely remembers that they need a vaccine and takes them to another place, where she attacks them.

While the rest wait at the doctor’s house, it is revealed that Martin did not kill the tattoo man and his team, who tracked them down and managed to find them. So Jean comes out and shoots him in the head, but he can’t stop the outsiders from taking him away.

When the doctor, who appears to have known Frederik and Sten, is about to inject Rasmus with a deadly substance, Patrick appears and shoots him. The group flees and takes refuge from the rain on a mackerel. The episode closes with Martin and Simone holding hands.

When It Premiered The Season 3 Of “The Rain”?

If Netflix renews The Rain for a third season, the chances are that the new episodes of this series will premiere sometime in 2020.

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