These Are The Unknowns That ‘The Wilds’ Will Have To Solve In Its Season 2


A week after its premiere, The Wilds has been renewed for a second season. The Amazon Prime Video series, focused on a group of young people struggling to survive on a desert island after a plane crash, will return at the end of 2021 to continue telling us about the past, survival, and present of its protagonists.

After a hectic season in which they have suffered all kinds of hardships, they have reflected on their vital priorities and, above all, have been the object of study in a sociological experiment, the questions about what happened on the island and what awaits them fate are many. These are some of the unknowns that we would like the production to solve in its new chapters.

How Long Do They Have Left On The Island?

Although we had hopes of seeing the eight protagonists leave the island, the first season of The Wilds ends on the twenty-third day of survival without success. And in view of the physical change that we see in some of them during the interrogations, or of Rachel’s stump that we assume that she arrived after her encounter with the shark, it seems that they have another terrible season ahead of them in their new “home”.

Will Gretchen’s Experiment Meet Deadlines?

From the equator of the first installment, we have the opportunity to see more of what happens in the bunker that takes the baton from the island and in which the girls, supposedly, await the arrival of their parents. And although Gretchen, the ideologist of the experiment, is uncomfortable with some situations, there is nothing that leads us to know if the rescue of the girls occurs due to some unforeseen event or because the investigation reaches its end. The most likely would be the latter if we take into account that she was not suspended when Jeanette died, but we cannot rule out that the moral wear and tear of the young women are (still) increasing and is decisive when it comes to accelerating the outcome.

Martha And Nora Are Dead?

Throughout the ten episodes, we have seen Leah, Rachel, Dot, Fatin, Tony, and Shelby being interrogated by Daniel Faber and Dean Young. But on that list, despite the fact that they have had their own episode in which we have been able to learn more about their past, Martha and Nora are missing. And in view of how Young closes the box with the belongings of the first, and Faber’s question to Rachel about whether she wants to talk about what happened to her sister, it is easy to think that both died on the island. So another question arises, how?
In the case of the Native Americans, the possibilities are endless, but if I have to venture, I would bet on an accident or another binge of food that makes them feel bad and, this time, there are no longer medications to save them. A more tragic outcome awaits Nora, I’m afraid, and she may save her sister from the shark, but she may die, or Leah may no longer bear it and personally take care of who she believes is responsible for her suffering.

What Happened To Shelby?

In the interrogations, we have discovered almost as much of the girls as in the flashbacks about their past or about their stage of survival. And, in some cases, not because of what they say or because of the questions they are asked but because of the wear and tear that two of them, Leah and Shelby, appear. From the first, the production has given us more time than the others, because it is the only one on which a second episode focuses and we also see it in its final escape attempt.

However, the Texan nun only reappears when she visits Leah’s room when she passes her a note saying that she is right in her suspicions about the shipwreck. The lack of screen time has been rewarded with the appearance of a personality that seems far removed from the young woman we meet on the island. To which must be added his problem in one leg, which forces him to walk in the bunker with crutches, his anaphylactic shock, which causes the alarms to go off in the last episode, and his shaved head, with which he finishes the work that started on the island with Fatin’s scissors. If we have something assured in the new episodes, it is another traumatic journey with the character of the debutant Mia Healey as the protagonist.

With The Flashbacks About The Girls Covered, Will It Be Gretchen’s Turn?

The person responsible for the girls’ misfortunes has shown some emotional instability, has shown a great capacity for manipulation, and has launched her ambitious experiment after being fired from her job related to education. But we don’t know much more about the character of Rachel Griffits and just as it has been nice to see where the problems of the eight protagonists came from, it would be desirable to discover the path that led Gretchen Klein to become a twisted person capable of anything to achieve its objectives.

Will We Know More About ‘The Twilight Of Adam’?

One of the great attractions of The Wilds is that it is an eminently feminine series, so it seems unlikely (and desirable) that the action of the new installment is going to focus on The Twilight of Adam, the group of boys that Leah sees in televisions just before the end of the last chapter. If the main, and only, the protagonist of the series was Gretchen, we could not rule out that possibility, but the weight of the story falls on the eight survivors and we can intuit that the final scene serves to confirm Leah’s suspicions rather than to open a path ahead of the new episodes.


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