Virgin River Season 3: Premiere Date, Cast And Spoilers Updates


Virgin River premiered its second season on Netflix Brazil and, with that, fans are already marathon all episodes of the production.

The series quickly became popular by adapting the stories from Robyn Carr’s books and tells the story of a nurse who leaves life in the big city and goes to the small town of Virgin River. There she encounters a doctor resistant to her arrival, but she also finds a possible love interest. However, she is running from the marks of the past and an accident that is slowly being revealed to the public.

Release Date

Even with the recordings of the third season already advanced, unfortunately, the new episodes should arrive on Netflix only at the end of the year. Virgin River already had all the episodes of the second season recorded at the end of 2019, but unfortunately, they were only released on November 27.

With that, and also based on the premiere of the first two seasons, we state that the third season of Virgin River will premiere between the last week of November and the first week of December 2021.

Cast: Who Will Return?

In addition to the return of the main cast (which has not been confirmed), we already have a new cast for season 3.

The comeback cast we’re looking forward to for season 3 includes Martin Henderson, Alexandra Breckenridge, Jenny Cooper, Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey, Benjamin Hollingsworth and Colin Lawrence.

But apparently a new cast member will be Jasmine Vega who will play Stella from season three. Vega has appeared in series like Sabrina’s Dark World on Netflix and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Spoilers: what’s Next?

No official word has been given on what will happen in season three. Robyn Carr’s books feature diverse characters and protagonists throughout their various volumes. Then, the Netflix series can choose to change its entire cast as new stories are being told.

However, the series is expected to remain in the romance between Jack and Mel. At the end of the second season, after running away from each other for a while, Jack and Mel decide to be together. But tragedy strikes and Jack is stabbed – probably by one of Calvin’s men. Mel finds him and he is unconscious. We do not believe that he will die – after all, he is one of the protagonists of this romance story. But there may be drastic consequences, as he already struggles with various disorders due to the war. Soon, another trauma can make your psychological extremely shaken.

With Charmaine out of the way, Mel and Jack may be together in season three, and she will help him through the difficult times ahead.


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