Alice In Borderland Season 2: What Netflix Release Date?


Alice in Borderland is available on Netflix! If you want information about the launch of season 2, read on! Shinsuke Satō is known to have made some manga and anime film adaptations. Alice on the Frontier is the latest addition to Satō’s repertoire. The sci-fi suspense series follows three friends who find themselves in a parallel version of Tokyo, where they must play a deadly game to survive. The series premiered in December 2020. Before continuing, if you want to know the explanation of the ending, read this.

This beloved Japanese manga has gained popularity around the world thanks to the Netflix series. The well-choreographed action sequences and powerful visuals in the series have drawn more fans to the manga. This begs the question: will there be an Alice in Borderland season 2? This is what we found!

What’s The Release Date For Alice In Borderland Season 2 On Netflix?

The first season of Alice on the Frontier aired in its entirety on Netflix on December 11, 2020. The first season consists of eight episodes, each lasting 41 to 51 minutes.

With regards to Alice in Borderland season 2, here’s what we know. No official announcement has been made yet. However, the final episode of season 1 ends on a note that could be the beginning of the next stage. Also, the series is based on the story of the manga written by Haro Aso, which is developed in 18 volumes and 87 chapters. So there is enough basic material for several seasons. If Netflix renews the series for a season 2, we can expect the Alice in Borderland season 2 release date to be set in 2022.

What Can We Expect From The Future?

Arisu’s talent for problem-solving keeps him afloat throughout the first season. He teams up with Usagi, a mountaineer of superior athletic ability. Season 1 is essentially a twisted festival of betrayals and mind games. Where people in the parallel world end up doing things they would never do in the real world. Arisu is convinced that the only way to end this deadly game. It’s about finding the game director responsible for the chaos. At the end of the eighth and final episode, it turns out that Momoka and Asahi were dealers in the game who had to pretend to be players.

As people died in each game, he gave them a visa to live longer. The guilt becomes unbearable. And finally, Momoka commits suicide while Asahi seals her fate. We also see that the four survivors of the game are Arisu, Usagi, Chishiya and Kuina. Mira appears on the screen to inform the “winners” that more games are being prepared. And that the next step will begin the next day at noon. Seeing how the first season ends on a note that foreshadows other games, there is hope for the future. If there is a season 2 of Alice in Borderland, we will see the four survivors face off in a new game with different rules.

Casting side, if there is Alice in Borderland season 2, we probably won’t see many again. Except for Kento Yamazaki, Tao Tsuchiya, Nijiro Murakami, Aya Asahina, and Riisa Naka. New players could join the distribution of the Alice In Borderland sequel.


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