Black Mirror: This Is The New Season Of The Netflix Series


Have you seen the new season of Black Mirror? Have you not heard that there was a new season of Black Mirror? Yes, the sixth season has arrived, and it has been confirmed with some posters that have appeared in our country, only that the episodes are not on the platform.

If you have gone out for a walk through the streets of Madrid you have surely seen the Black Mirror posters on the canopies of the bus stops. In them, we can see ourselves reflected in the mirror and read a text that says: ” Black Mirror: Season 6, now live everywhere.”

And it is that according to these announcements, which are not official Netflix but have captured the attention as if they were, the sixth season of Black Mirror are not new episodes of friends playing with virtual reality, or people hooked on their smartphones. The new season of Black Mirror is called reality because it is precisely what we are living now.

We find ourselves in a situation that none of us had experienced before, where for weeks the only thing that has kept us connected has been technology, where the term “video call” has been one of the most repeated in the world.

In addition, we are almost bombarded every day with surprising news, leaks on social networks of all kinds and all this before we have reached the middle of the year. 2020 is definitely being a Netflix series, and for some reason one of the most repeated jokes on the internet is referring to this year as “the last season” or saying that they are taking out so many things that there will no longer be stories to tell in the next seasons of this world.

The creator of Black Mirror said in an interview that at the moment, he was not going to work on new installments of the series. With everything that was happening (and continues to happen) there was no need to get any more disturbing stories. And he is right.

It has always been said that Black Mirror was not the future, that we were already living it and now as we are seeing, it seems something literal. Did you want more participation than what Black Mirror: Bandersnatch proposed to us? Well, we already have it here.


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